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  1. Ended up going with Rick's Tanks stainless tank with in tank pump . Includes tank, choice of fuel pump, stainless straps, and tube style fuel level sender. Not cheap but it's for my baby, lol
  2. 08 80Has anyone used the Aeromotive Phantom system for an EFI conversion in their Z. Did you have to get the extension kit? Looking to clean up my current set up and quiet it down for the street.
  3. NW240Z took another look at pics you posted before and these won't work for my application, thanks. zguy240 I will give you a call today, Sat. a bit later, see you are in Ca.
  4. Looking for 240Z front hubs, early 260 will work.
  5. Have a Nissan comp Gleeson Torsen rear LSD and was wondering about what synthetic gear lube to run in it or just run standard gear lube.
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