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  1. banditzed

    Fiberglass door panels w/speaker holes

    Hi Pete, Received my panels the other day, great job! Let me know if you come up with any door pulls. Anybody sitting on the fence about ordering these, you won't be disappointed. Thanks, Martin
  2. banditzed

    Fiberglass door panels w/speaker holes

    I'm in for a set, if Pete will ship to Canada
  3. banditzed

    Stainless Gas tank straps for 240Z

    Hi Jerry, I'd like to get a set for my '76 280 as well please. Martin
  4. Hi Jerry I have the straps from my 76 280 that could be used as a pattern. Maybe I could hook up with Nigel and he could drop them off to you if he's coming your way. Martin
  5. banditzed

    Order for restoration?

    Hi janaka, Just to let you know, I have the complete wiring harness, (entire car) in excellent shape from my 76 280 if you're interested. Also have the motor ,trans, ecm etc. with 55k original miles. Martin
  6. banditzed

    04 GTO LS1 Fuel plumbing

    I believe the GTO is a returnless system. If it's the same as F body, regulator is built in with intank pump assembly. Most people use a Corvette combination filter-regulator for their LS series Z cars.
  7. banditzed


    Hi, I have the complete fuel injection harness from my 76 280 for sale if you're interested.
  8. banditzed

    Anyone hear from the fellows at JTR?

    Took 5 weeks to get my rad mount and intake ducting.
  9. banditzed

    COMPLETE Re-Wire Of 240Z / LS1 / T56

    I have a Painless universal 18 circuit harness brand new in the box that I'll sell for $350 cdn plus shipping if anyone is interested
  10. banditzed

    Ls1 2000 Vs 2002

    I'd go for the 2002, it'll have the LS6 intake and possibly LS6 block. Also no EGR on a 2002. Good luck with the swap! Martin
  11. banditzed

    R200 LSD clutches

    Hi Gary, If you still have a set left, is that 4 or 6?, I'll take them. No problem if you want to ship them with the diff brace. Thanks
  12. Definately in for one. Thanks
  13. banditzed

    north star v8

    I'd be pretty leery of this swap. These motors are notorious for having the head bolts strip out of the block. My STS is sitting in my shop right now with this problem. It's a nice motor, but wide, parts aren't cheap, not many performance parts, and you can't get undersize bearings for them. I really wish I could forget about fixing mine and just put the time and money into my 280/LS1, but I need my carpool car. Good luck with whatever you choose to do, there's alot of Northstar info at cadillacforums.com
  14. banditzed

    How to wire your Lsx engine?

    There is a lot of information on LS1tech.com re wiring etc. Check there.
  15. banditzed

    R/T mount shipping

    Mine arrived today, looks great! Thanks Roostmonkey