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  1. blodi

    HI Leon,

     I stumbled on a post of yours from a couple years back on dyno results and was noting your AFR's.  I have a L28, 500 lift, 300 duration cam, ported, flattops, etc and weber 45's. I've been trying to get the AFR's flatter, but it looks like yours has the same overall S shape to the AFR during the pull that I have. Is that "normal" for it to go rich, then lean out then a bit richer up top? Or did you do anything to flatten it?  My lengthy thread is over at classic z cars...


    I've basically not been able to flatten the shape out no matter what I've changed.



    1. Leon


      Hi Ryan, the problem lies in the emulsion tube. I did what I could with that setup, I believe the air jets were down to 110 on that graph in an effort to try to limit the amount of airflow through the e-tube which is part of the issue. I'm now running Keith Franck's VF tubes but haven't been back to the dyno. It should cure the fat dip that Weber tubes tend to produce. I used Keith's old jetting on my last Z and AFR was flat all the way across the powerband. I plan to dyno again "soon"...

  2. Hi, Looking for the throttle hook rod off a flat top setup. I believe the flat top version is shorter and I need it for my triple weber setup. The one I have of my round tops is about 12+" long. The one I need is at least a couple inches shorter. Let me know if you have one! Thanks
  3. Looking for a "type B" 5 speed trans from a 280zx NA. Located in Detroit area for shipping purposes. Thanks.
  4. Looks like your PM box is full? PM me if you can or let me know details here. Thanks.
  5. Looking for an L28 long block. Prefer something ready to drop in and either freshly built or at least lower mileage. Also would prefer something mildly modded with higher comp, mild cam...etc. Let me know what you've got laying around! FYI, I'm in the Detroit area for shipping purposes. Thanks.
  6. Looking for oem rear springs for my 240. Thanks.
  7. Got a set of rota's. Thanks though!
  8. Is the ashtray/fuse cover for sale? Specifically I need the ashtray door/spring. Not sure how much of the console you are looking to keep in tact. Thanks!
  9. Thanks, happy to have found such a nice one! Here are a couple pics of the NSX... 1658178_369019829905866_1634156292_o by blodi, on Flickr 1782280_367796433361539_1387575590_o by blodi, on Flickr I'll get some of the NSX and Z together once my car is back from LoveFab again here in a few weeks.
  10. Just wanted to say hi officially. On Friday I just bought my first Z! A 1971 240. Bought it from a friend at work who got it 2 years ago. The previous owner to that did an amazing job getting it restored. Looks new all over. Needs a few little odds and ends and one major one...a manual trans Future plans are coilovers, wheels (Rewinds or Rota RKR's), headlight covers, and the manual trans. Really have been enjoying it so far. I've wanted an orange 240z for as long as I can remember. Really happy about it. It joins a couple other Japanese icons in my garage...my 91 LoveFab turbo NSX and my 74 Kawasaki Z1 900.
  11. Got a glovebox door. Thanks! Still need other items.
  12. Possibly interested in either one of the transmissions. Will PM.
  13. Looking for the above for my 71 240z. Thanks.
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