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  1. Happy New Year everyone !!! All the best in 2011
  2. And if you're looking for a more original weber carb look add these throttle bodies. They're manufactured by ENGL Production.
  3. Had a chance to put my car in her very first show and shine when I was back home. It was a charity event collecting donations for the food bank. And although I didn't take home any awards I did receive loads of very positive comments The weather was not co-operating but I still had fun. The most frustrating thing was people commenting on the silliest little things i.e. Wow!! Real knock off wheels. That was the easy part, just opened my wallet and "Viola". All comments were nice but no one ever said anything about all the modifications that I spent hours and hours fabricating and customizi
  4. Haha...yeah, the black looks great. But it's so true what they say, "It's a HUGH PIA to keep clean" And the tobacco interior will only look new the day it was. Wears/soils very quickly. Good thing I enjoy washing my car. Helps that I keep it in the garage during the winter too Other than that it is NOT a trailer queen. Was purpose built to be driven.
  5. mclark999, Thanks for the compliment. I went back and forth with the coupe vs spyder debate as well. Bought a Vela Rossa from AZ, before getting the coupe, but due to transportation issues (a story best told over beers) was forced to sell it before I could even get it home. A coupe will just have to be your next project. The one from 'Vanilla Sky' is actually dark blue, but it does look black in the movie.
  6. Haven't posted in a while. Even forgot my password to the forum Great to see everyone is working away and posting pics of thier progress. They all look great!! Had a chance to take mine out back in Sept. Here's a pic. Cheers to all and welcome to the new guys.
  7. Hey ZZZeee, I'll take a set off you. Cheers
  8. Hey SidWell, The new site looks great. Would like to get a look at the inside of the finshed side vent/window, I couldn't find one on the site (did I miss it??). Curious to see how you finished it off. Now that mines finished I can't stop thinking about taking it apart and changing/redoing a few things. The blocked off side window has always bothered me. Due to an out of control budget and a behind build schedule I opted for the easy way out. Did you consider the smaller trunk conversion? Regards
  9. Hey SidWell. Looks fantastic. Congratulations on a great build. Visited your build site. Well done. I really like the functioning side window/vent. Any issues with leaks? Kind Regards
  10. Hey Michael, Great idea you have! Love the SRT cap. If the curves are a match it's a nice option to the old style Lemans. Do you know price and availablity?? Kind Regards
  11. Con Brio

    Cargo Straps

    Try a big name hardware store(i.e. Home Depot). If they don't carry what your looking for go to a fabric/material store. They often carry canvas straps in various widths and colors and sell it off the roll by the foot. If you're looking for leather I went to a luggage store and had them make me up a custom set.
  12. Zerrari.. One of the sadest ebay listings I've come across. Best of luck to you and your loved ones. Mark
  13. "Also, my dash was disassembled when I bought my car and the hazard switch is missing. Any recommendations on a replacement?" Hey Mclark999, I have a hazard switch in a box of extra/un-used parts. You're more than welcome to it. If you're not in a rush though. I'm in Vietnam at the moment and won't be back to Canada for another 2 months.
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