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  1. I mean since it was a auto conversion its a new r33 gts25t manual cluster so its stock.
  2. I really just wana know what others who had a r33 rb25 with a rb20 tranny did to get there speedo working .
  3. its a stock rb25det gts25t r33 mspec series 1 1994 if that helps . I realise engine doesnt require speedometre i was meaning the stock rb25 r33 uses a electric speedo drive
  4. Hi there i have looked a bit everyone and dont know quite whats wrong and how to get my speedo working. My dash cluster is new and 100% working. But still my speedo doesnt move i was told its due to having a rb20det tranny which uses a mechanical speedo while the cars rb25 requires an electrical speedo. I was told that by putting in a rb20e r33 speedo drive would resolve this . Im not too sure on how accurate this is and Id like any tips or ways to resolve the issue. Preferably not too expensive. Im sure many people have done this b4 looking for how to get the speedo working again . (N
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