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  1. I don't have AZC track pack but I do have Full T3 suspension with AZC coilovers and I never ran into this issue. My caster is at +6 angle and my wheel spec is 15x9 -28 offset (A-disk) with 225/45R15 Toyo R888 tires
  2. I'm looking for all interior trims from the seat back (quarter window interior trims, rear quarter panel trims, dome light trims). I'm located in Rancho Cucamonga. Black panels only. Please message me Thank you
  3. I ended up going with the Star Road Glow Star wheels. 15x9 -28 offset and 15x10 -28 offset. A-disk fronts and O-disk rears. Fitment is good with ZG flares and Toyota calipers. Fronts can be spaced out 10-15mm to flush it out more but the rear is completely filled to the edge of the flares with -3 degree camber.
  4. I'm trying to order ARP bolts for it but I don't know where to measure my bolt. My L24 bolt measures 9mm at the rod end but tapers to 8.25mm at the cap end... so that means it's a 8mm bolt right?
  5. Hello, Might be a long shot but worth a try. I am looking for a JDM S30 Fairlady Z headlight buckets (authentic with chrome trim, not replica version). Must be complete. Paypal ready. I am located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739. Please let me know if anyone selling or know of anyone who is willing to sell theirs. Thank you very much. Taka 909-565-32nine4
  6. Thank you for the reply. What is your asking price shipped to California? Thank you
  7. I'm looking for good condition JDM fender mirrors for my 240Z. Must be genuine Nissan fender mirrors. No fake stuff. Located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739. Paypal ready. thanks
  8. it pops when I'm driving at consistent speed of approx 40mph on highway... the plugs look to have a small amount of black carbon color... but not too bad actually..
  9. Hello, I'm having some massive popping sound coming from my exhaust during deceleration and consistant load at low speed. I was told my car is running too rich and I need to change my jettings on my carbs. I am pretty new to Mikuni tuning and I need some suggestions on jettings. I have a 3.1L stroker engine with 44mm triple Mikuni carbs. It is unknown of the compression ratio/bore size as the previous owner did not have any build sheet of the engine. I did verify the crank and it is LD28 crank when I pulled the oil pan off and checked the part number. It's got a F54 block with E88 head. The cam is made by America Cam (065) with Lift of 480 and 280 duration (verified by the company). MSD 6AL ignition system with Blaster 2 coil. 6-1 header with 2.25" mandrel bend pipe to Greddy exhaust. ignition is 10 degrees at idle. Currently my jettings are: Main air Jet - 200 Main Jet - 150 Pilot Jet - 55 Pump Nozzle - unknown Outer Venturi - unknown Fuel Pressure set to 3.5psi , no fuel return line I am in the process of installing Wideband O2 sensor to log the air/fuel ratio to further tune the carbs... Any suggestions is much appreciated to minimize the popping noise and to have the engine run smoother.
  10. I need the entire front 240z turn signal assemblies (housings, lens, light sockets) because mine didn't come with one (PO installed 280z airdam). I'm located in rancho cucamonga, ca. Thanks!!
  11. Hello, I'm almost ready to get my 71 240Z on the road after some brake/suspension and ZG flare mod. So I have a concern and hopefully someone with a similar (or exact) setup can chime in and help me out. I want to purchase a new set of wheels from Watanabe but I'm not sure if the wheels I want will clear the front caliper as well as wheels fitting within the wheel wells of ZG flares without sticking out. The specific wheel sizes I want are F: 15x9 -13 offset and R: 15x10 -25 offset. I just installed a S12W front caliper upgrade with Arizona Z Car coilover setup ( with camber plates). The front control arms are currently stock with poly bushings. The rear is stock Drum brakes with Arizona Z Car coilover setup (with camber plates) and TTT adjustable rear control arms. I will also have Marugen Shokai OEM spec ZG flares. Will this wheels sizes fit without any issues (both front and rear)? I have a feeling the rear could fit.... but for the front do I have to go narrower and possibly add a spacer to clear the calipers? Any help is much appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the info. I purchased the fittings and I hope this will solve the problem. For those wanting to purchase these fittings, I went to this website http://dmpfasteners.com/shop/search/results?search_in_description=1&keyword=BQ50 as brakequip online shop requires minimum of $10 purchase and the shipping is expensive.
  13. Wtb radiator support. My passenger side radiator support is crushed and I need to replace it. The passenger side fender mount support is also kind of bent. If anyone is willing to chop their radiator support and part of fender support (up to strut tower) I would like to purchase it. I'm located in SoCall Rancho Cucamonga. Please message me. Thanks.
  14. Hello everyone, Recently I purchased my first 240Z (1971) and when I got the car there was wiring harness all over the car. I managed to ID most of the wires and clean it up except for this relay. Can anyone tell me what this relay is all about? Thanks in advance!!
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