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  1. I think you have a bigger problem... The 1982-83 master cylinder will not fit onto your S30 stock brake booster.
  2. The RockAuto deal is "Return and Rebuild" only. You send your master cylinder in to be rebuilt and hopefully they can restore it. I say "hopefully" because aluminum master cylinders that are pitted internally cannot be honed to remove the pitting. The only fix is to have them re-sleeved ($$).
  3. I meant that four new holes would have to be drilled. And its not just the firewall that needs to be re-drilled. The pedal support bracket must also be drilled.
  4. No. The power steering rack mounting "ears" have a different spacing than the manual rack. Hence, the 280ZX had different (three, total) crossmembers.
  5. Polarity does not matter on the two-wire idle control valves. The control plunger is attracted to the magnetic field regardless of its polarity.
  6. Will you try to re-use your stock compressor? The S30 ac compressors have an oil sump so the compressor must be installed in the lowest point in the refrigeration system. So, you may have to mount the compressor where your alternator is now, and move the alternator up above it. The later Nissans like the 280ZX and the 1977-84 810/Maxima’s used a “sump-less†compressor. These could be mounted above your alternator. Then again, maybe it’s time to look at using an aftermarket R134a compressor, since you are making a new mount. The 1977-80 810 uses a condenser that has bo
  7. This used to be in the "uploads" section. Datsun Torque Specifications.pdf
  8. Maxima 110A alternator Here is the Maxima 110 amp (LR1110) alternator that I am using shown on an engine during a pre-assembly mock up. As others have mentioned, you must replace the serpentine belt pulley with a v-grove pulley that has been positioned in the correct location with a suitable thickness spacer (washer). Since this alternator is so large, the stock S30 alternator bracket would not fit around it so I used a 240Z smog pump bracket (along with another non-descript bracket visible in the picture) to secure the alternator. I did not trust the S30 lower alternator mo
  9. Check with Jim Frederick who lives in Florida. His e-mail address can be found in this thread: http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?40701
  10. The Z31 blower fan is a little more (10 to 15%) powerful than the 280ZX (S130) fan. You could try it. I think the outside diameter of the Z31 blade assembly (plastic squirrel cage) is a little larger so check your clearances. I am using the 280ZX (S130) blower fan in my 260Z (S30). Yes, the 280ZX fan turns in the opposite direction of the S30 blower fan, but because it’s a permanent magnet DC motor all you have to do is to reverse the power leads and it will rotate in the opposite direction.
  11. Check out the 1981-84 Maxima column (see pic below). It has the same spline diameter as the S30 shafts. I once saw a 240Z with a Z31 (tilt) column installation at a car show. But since the Z31 has a larger spline diameter there must has been an adapter in between the S30 rack and the end of the Z31 column.
  12. They're the same. Both are part number 39617-A0600.
  13. You are quite correct about the S30 rear bearings being SAE sized and not metric. I apologize for my comment. I have bored out a rear S30 strut housing to 72mm so I could use the Z31 (five bolt) stub axle. Five years later it’s still OK (no cracks). I did use the 280Z rear strut housing because Nissan strengthened the 280Z housing by adding a little more material in the bearing location area.
  14. Basically, the 280ZX stub axle has a different OD (outside diameter) where the inner and outer wheel bearings are seated, so it uses different wheel bearing than the S30. The OD of the 280ZX rear wheel bearings will not fit the S30 rear strut. In other words, the 280ZX stub axles will not fit. No, that’s nonsense. Both vehicles use metric bearings at the rear. However, the front wheel bearings of both the S30, S130 and even the Z31 are the same as used by many 1970's domestic and foreign vehicles. But I would call them “SAE sized†and not “inch†dimensioned.
  15. The part numbers are listed in Pete Paraska's conversion article at http://alteredz.com/240ZCVHalfshaftConversion.htm bolt 39606-W1202 nut 01223-00041 washer 08915-13810
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