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  1. mc117

    71 240z 18 months of work.

    Subscribed! your attention to detail is inspiring!
  2. mc117

    Porsche flat six

    Ah i see, live and learn. I had incorrectly assumed that flat and straight six were synonymous where as flat and boxer are actually synonymous. Thanks!
  3. mc117

    Porsche flat six

    Hi all, Im new here, doing a lot of research and learning before I start a project (porbably after college so Ive got a few years). Ive read a lot about different engine swaps, LSx's and 2jz's and chevy 350's etc... swaps Im sure you are all very familiar with. I haven't seen anything about porsche flat six engines though. So my question: has an engine swap with a 911 engine ever been done in a 240z? I dont know much about the dimensions etc of the 911 series flat sixs, but it seems that it would be fairly compatible, given that the engine bay is made to hold a straight six. I imagine there would be difficulty given that the 911 is rear engined as opposed to the z cars. I haven't found anything after a little bit of google research, but I'd be very interested. Is this possible or am I asking a dumb newbie question =P Thanks! -- mc117
  4. mc117

    First Post

    Thats the plan! starting early so that when I start on an actual car Ill know in theory as much as I can. Thanks for the tip! --mc117
  5. mc117

    First Post

    Hi All! I am a college student and avid car fanatic, despite the fact that I do not own a car yet. A huge dream of mine is to restore/mod and possibly engine swap an early 70s 240z. Since i am a broke student however, that dream probably wont see fruition for at least another couple of years. Until then I am doing all that I can to learn about builds and to plan out what I will need for when I start. I found this forum and realized it was a perfect place to learn about everything i need to know to build my dream car. Ill probably be reading mostly and occasionally posting questions as my plans evolve and grow. thanks all for the support! -- mc117