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  1. nix240z

    71 240z 18 months of work.

    Been a while since I updated my build and I am still working on small details of the car. Suspension and brakes are done and some of the interior is in back in the car. Made new main wiring harness rubber tad holders Dash in car now.
  2. Been a while since i posted any new items but I have new items on my website webstore. www.240zrubberparts.com http://www.240zrubberparts.com/apps/webstore/ steve
  3. nix240z

    Building an airdam

    I must ask for what reason? Steve
  4. make sure installed the rear maxima's with the bleed valve at the top, if bleed valve is on the bottom you will never get the air out.
  5. nix240z

    Help replacing roof skin

    I did the original roof from the top and donor from the bottom. There is about 93-96 spot welds per roof, if I remember correctly. I used a spotweld remover for both skins. Steve
  6. nix240z

    Help replacing roof skin

    a few pics of when I did my roof. Red original with sunroof Gold is the donor roof.
  7. nix240z

    71 240z 18 months of work.

    Thanks, if you come to my area let me know. I now have the R200 LSD in the car after replacing the seals, replating the hardware and installing a new differential mount.
  8. nix240z

    71 240z 18 months of work.

    Thanks for the heads up, I will fabricate a spacer. Steve
  9. nix240z

    71 240z 18 months of work.

    Greenville Irrigation contractor, back flow tester, palm tree farmer and owner @ 240zrubberparts.com Found these on ebay.
  10. nix240z

    71 240z 18 months of work.

    The ezcarlift was delivered yesterday via Fedex. It was shipped in two very well packed boxes, each weighing 75 pounds each. The lift was very easy to assemble with nice instructions, with pictures. All I can say is WOW, this lift is very nice and is put together very well. The lift is very smooth and very stable, I pushed on the car and it did not move. z owners will need to order the hockey pucks. A few pictures of the lift at about 1/2 the lifting height. I have the lift in a position right now, so I can install the R200LSD, NEW 1" Suspension Techniques Front Swaybar
  11. nix240z

    71 240z 18 months of work.

    ordered a ezcarlfit and new tires, so I can get the car off the dolly. Then I can install the Rebello 3.2L.
  12. nix240z

    71 240z 18 months of work.

    Thanks. My goal is for factory look but with upgraded suspension, brakes and drive train. I still have all the original parts for the suspension and brakes;however, the original motor was swapped out in 1984. I also have a 72 that will get the factory correctness since it still has the original engine.
  13. nix240z

    71 240z 18 months of work.

    Thanks, watching your project got me back moving again on mine. I was pumped watching your Rebello engine video. 16" Panasports.....
  14. nix240z

    71 240z 18 months of work.

    Rears today with Arizona Z car rear end, coilovers and Tokico Illuminas. Refurbished 280z stub axles with 280zx turbo companion flange adapters. New bearings, seals, rotors, calipers and plated hardware.
  15. nix240z

    71 240z 18 months of work.

    Thanks.... I will be working on the rear today, once done this will be the first time back on the ground since 2011. Steve