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  1. Ok thanks for the help!
  2. I see what your saying now, the only problem is the n42 block I think has damage. I sold my 280 to someone then I bought it back from him. An he gave me my old parts to it and so on so fourth when I sold it to him I threw a rod and he said he got rid of the original block and put a new block in supposedly but somehow I feel like that isn't true and he used the same block my rod went out in. I haven't even pulled it apart yet to check and see what he's done but it smokes horribly out the filter of the valve cover so im assuming to much oil is getting by the pistons and burning it off, blowby I think. And if that's why im gonna assume that he just reused the block I had originally. So until I pull it apart I wont know.
  3. Not really sure what you mean. How would it help? The hp goal is around 300 anyways. I'm shooting for something new I'm losing my license for a year too many tickets so I've got nothing but time so why not build something
  4. Hey all, I was reading a post from G.I.Jonas from 2007 about a vg30dett swap into a 280 and I was reading through it trying to gather as much info about the swap before I started posting asking about this. So I have a 79 280zx and an 86 300zx, the 300 is wrecked frame damage wont be fixed ever again but I'm lucky cause the engine didn't take any damage aside from the radiator. blocks fine everything's golden on it. I have a real tight budget but a lot of willing people to help me with this build with a lot of skills, really skilled welders that are close friends and do good work for ridiculously cheap. But anyhow I wanted to originally boost on my l28 but I found out I have the n42 block and n47 head and that not the build I wanted, I wanted the f54 and p90a build but didn't have the stuff. Now I came up with crazy idea that everyone agreed they wanted to help me with, taking everything I can from my wrecked 300 and throwing it into the 280. So on that note the post from gi was on a vg30dett I have the vg30et in my 300 low miles strong engine and trans, I haven't done a swap like this before so I wanted to ask everyone on here what they think I need to do, G.Is post didn't have much info just picture and explanations not what he needed to change etc. I read that the stock steering needed to be changed cause it wont work but that's about it. I got someone who can do the custom mounts but what I'm trying to figure out is what all I need to do. This is what I'm assuming. Custom Mounts Wiring harness Steering Differential Axels? Transmission mounts? Ecu from 300 Custom driveshaft? or can I use the one off the 300? I'm just shooting to complete the swap on what motor, trans, parts I have off my 300 not shooting for performance build yet just getting the swap done. What else should I look into? Where should I start? What should I keep in mind when planning this out. Like I said I got the people to help and I have the tools. I'm also thinking I need to figure the measurements for creating the mounts. Any other ideas on what I should do. If someone could reply with something to help me out that would be awesome. Thank you all!
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