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  1. I talked to the guys as the 3d printing place, the intake wouldn't hold up to the heat being as they sit on top of the exhaust manifold,
  2. I visited a 3d print shop a few weeks ago and was amazed at some of the things they were doing. I started to think what could I really use them for and today I thought why not a custom intake manifold? A plastic manifold may not be the prettiest thing in the engine bay, but it would be light, resistant to heat and highly customizable (runner lengths, plenum sizing throttle body opening ect .) I'm not a engineer and have no idea how to design an efficient intake other than having the guys at the print shop make a direct copy of an oem intake for me.To me this seems like a cheaper way have a cu
  3. I have an 1977 280z with a stock l28 engine. I am panning on swapping in a l28et when I can find one for a reasonable price. In the mean time I want to start buying parts for the future engine that can also work with what I have now. For instance I purchased a larger 3 row aluminum radiator to deal with the increased heat of a turbo motor. The stock radiator I have now is leaking so this was a reasonable upgrade. I also purchased a Pallnet barbed fuel rail, but im not sure if that was a good idea versus going with an o-ring style fuel rail.(by the way I need a recommendation for a FPR) My ques
  4. I accidentally redlined the engine last night and I noticed the engine started to break up and miss when ever I went above 5k in the revs. This cleared it's self up later, but im curious as to what might of caused this. Any ideas? Stock engine by the way.
  5. I'm looking at some wheel with the above specs. Stock suspension no flares. Will the size wheels fit?
  6. Got the M/C in today. they are rebuilt units, I got two I might sell one seeing as rebuild kits are readily available.
  7. I should have it Friday, already shipped from Oreilly's warehouse. Correct part number is 11-1837 will correct in 1st post.
  8. Since this master cylinder is soo hard to find I thought I would let everyone know O'Reillys has them part # 11-1837. It has to be ordered online $31.99 + $7.00 core
  9. My Z has a rear disk conversion. The previous owner did not do the conversion and can provide no information about it. Is anyone familir with these type of rear disk brakes on a Z? The car has no brake pad left at all, and it will need new rotors.
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