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  1. Misterstag

    Thermo Time Switch

    I have a s130 (280zx) 82. I am looking for the Thermo Time Switch for this engine. The engine is an L28. If anyone has this, please PM me with the price. thanks, -M
  2. Misterstag

    New Rim Set up s130 (1982)

    Ok I can do the following: -22 with a 5" lip or -15 with a 4.5" lip
  3. Misterstag

    New Rim Set up s130 (1982)

    that helps a lot. I think I will either go with the 18x8 in he front and 18x9 in the back, or 18x9 in the front and 18x10 in the back.
  4. Misterstag

    New Rim Set up s130 (1982)

    Thanks for the info guys. So in my quest has changed where I can redo the whole rim. I'm looking to do 10" or 11" in the back and 9" in the front. From what you all know which offsets will work? 18" rim. Tokiko blue in the fromt and Bilstein yellows in the back. VoGotland springs. Tires i hope to keep in the 225/235 range
  5. has anyone on a s30 or s130 put 10"wide in the fronts?
  6. Misterstag

    New Rim Set up s130 (1982)

    I spoke with them, they can re barrell the whole rim. They cant flip it. So if thats the case, I what is the best offset and width size for the front and rear? I want to have a 4" lip if possible. thanks for any help you may have. -M
  7. Misterstag

    New Rim Set up s130 (1982)

    That's an idea. I will ask them. I will say that I asked there rim companies and they all said the same ratio
  8. Misterstag

    Offset Help

    im glad that I saw this thread and it helps now. Does anyone have recent photos of 18x9 or 18x10 with the offests no the chart?
  9. I am going to re-barrel some Racing Harts. However, when I found the guy who can do them, he said that he can do these offsets: then they can be re-lipped to 18x9 +38, 18x10 +25 If thats the case, how can I fit them on my S130. Any ideas are welcome. thanks in advance.
  10. Misterstag

    custom Bumper / air dam s130

    I am looking to get a custom bumper / air dam for my 82 s130 non turbo. Any one know where I can get that or who I can contact? I am ok with different types of materials. Company names company links or forum posts helps. I am in the Nor Cal area thanks, -M
  11. Thanks for this thread, just got my 82 s130 and I know where to start now before I think of addin turbo to the car. Which I hope not too. Awesome thread.
  12. Misterstag

    Parting Out- 83 280ZX Turbo

    What color is the ash stray? Also is the antenna still with the car?