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  2. I'm looking for a '75-early '76 FI fuel tank for my 1973 240Z turbo project. PM me or email me at ...... josephcchristen@gmail.com Thanks, Joe
  3. Looking for a Non egr N42 Intake. PM or email me at josephcchristen@gmail.com Thanks!
  4. Great , thanks foe the confirmation
  5. I understand the the April '87-89 Turbo diff's were the 3.70 clsd's. Is there any difference between the 5spd and automatic cars?
  6. I would love a copy as well. lahieres@patmedia.net Thanks Joe
  7. I've searched but have not been able to find a difinitive answer to this question. I have a 240mm fidanza flywheel and act full face clutch/PP which I plan on using with my zx 5spd. Which clutch fork, t/o bearing and slave cylinder combo should i use? I understand that some combinations do not provide enough throw to completely disengage the clutch.
  8. I think I answered my own question. The injectors which I have are D-Jet while my harness is L-jet. I just ordered some D-jet plugs from SDS and I'm ready to go. Clifton, any idea where I could find the 0280150041 injectors? I asked my parts guy who got me my other Bosch injectors and he had no listing for them. Do you know what model/year they came on ? Was it an MB?
  9. I have searched but have found no answer to this question. I have a set of Bosch mercedes injectors (280150036). These injectors are turquoise where the plug from the harness connects. The stock Bosch harness is simular but will not fit these injectors. I was led to believe that these injectors would be direct drop in fit. Do I have the wrong version/year injector or do I just need to splice in new plugs to my SDS harness. Where can I find new connectors to fit? Thanks Joe
  10. What's this ? http://www.courtesyparts.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=11044-91MM2&Category_Code=s30_nismo_headgasketL28
  11. Yeah, I think the HKS ones will work just fine.
  12. I looked on HKS's website and saw no listings for Nissan gaskets. I'm looking for a 2mm to go with my 87mm pistons. Do they still make these? If so, who sells them? Are the MSA 1mm& 2mm gaskets HKS products?
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