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  1. Hey guys, it's been awhile, but I'm finally getting back to working on the Z. Extensive rust under both of the quarter windows. Started patching the drivers side last night.
  2. I just bought a set of Webers last week so I'll I see if still have this in a month or so.
  3. I found this out afterwards. I was asking for a quote on just having the chambers welded, and was told I could only get this service in a complete SPL head. I seriously have considered trying it myself as I have two N42 heads. I was going to practice on some old engine cases and such first. Ultimately I have decided now to either just run the N42 or wait for a good deal on an P90 to come up that I can shave.
  4. A well-known vendor quoted me this.
  5. I think may try to source a P90 head and possibly even try to work a trade deal up with someone. A P90 head shaved .080" with .080" cam tower shims and a set N42 valves seems to be the best performance for the money.
  6. I was quoted 11k for the Kameari / SPL head.
  7. Looking to trade an N42 cylinder head for a P90 cylinder. N42 came off car that ran before it went into storage 15+ years ago. I really just need the head and the cam mounts, possibly rockers if they are in good shape as I be will getting a new cam, springs and valves anyway.
  8. I have noticed the same kind of results as well.
  9. I have two full N42 motors, so i didn't want to source another head. I was just blown away at some of the prices I got, one company wanted $6,000 to weld and and resurface and that didn't include doing the valve job or anything else. I had considered trading someone a N42 head for a P90 head at one point. I just wasn't sure what compression ratio I would be at with a shaved P90 and flat top pistons.I was looking at shaving .080" to get back to 10:1 compression ratio.
  10. It seems like a common thing to do to improve airflow and reduce detonation. The process is described in Frank Honsowetz book, also the Kameari SPL head has welded chambers. I seen it discussed on the forums multiple time as well. I just have never seen anyone say were they have had the work done. I also listed all of my engine specifications so i could get input on whether it would benefit my setup or not. I was mainly looking to improve the burn in the head to reduce the risk of detonation and hopefully pick up a few extra horsepower at the same time from the more efficient burn. If i could decrease my chance of detonation, then I would be able to run more timing and take advantage of the higher compression from the N42 flat top combination. Currently I am relying on the cam to reduce my dynamic compression to avoid detonation, and also the re-curved distributor to take full advantage of the triple Webers.
  11. I saw the same this morning when I searched, there are also tons of rod and piston options available.
  12. Really no one? I know a few guys on here know something about this, but apparently no one wants to share. With the prices I was getting quoted I could buy another S30 in really nice condition.
  13. I agree, just stick with a proven setup such as the LD28 stroke length and test the actual durability of the Chinese parts. The main goal here would be a cost effective stroker setup. If you want an all-out max performance stroker kit go with Kameari or call Rebello up and get their custom Brian Crower unit they designed.
  14. They also have 240z length rods required for stroker setups. https://scandes.en.alibaba.com/product/60217973532-800431158/For_NISSAN_3_1L_L24_L24E_L26_L28_LD28_STROKER_H_BEAM_ROD_5_236_A_SET_6PCS.html And custom pistons available: https://scandes.en.alibaba.com/product/60320062448-801319111/Custom_Pistons_for_Nissan_L28_12010_08010_12010_C6421_Piston.html Should have them price 10 setups of LD28 cranks, with 240z length rods, and custom pistons to make a complete stroker kit.
  15. I say we get them to agree on a super good price and do a group sale on the forums.
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