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  1. Hey all, I am looking for the seat belts to a late model 260z. They are different from the early model. I believe the ones I need are also the ones in the 280. If anybody has, ill buy. PM me if you have them. Thanks --Axel
  2. Hey guys, last night while driving in the rain I started to smell something burning. I turned off my lights and the smell went away. When I had to turn on my lights because now it is dark, my gauges would not light up. Has this ever happened to anybody? I don't think my Tach and Speedo work either. Thanks --Axel
  3. I recently purchased a 10/74 260z with the intent to transfer all my parts from my 7/74. I ran into problems with seatbelts, seats, and finally the rear suspension. On my 10/74 the suspension is riding lower than it was on the 7/74. The front is ok. I noticed that on the 10/74 the strut caps were longer than the 7/74 so i changed those out. The car sat fine for about a day, then it dropped. My car now(10/74) sits lower than the front. I have eibach springs and tokico illumina struts. What should I do to make my car sit the way it was before? Can I take the strut towers that originally came with the 10/74 and just change the struts or will I have to get new struts ? Thanks guys --Axel
  4. Def wouldn't buy it. You can find better for the same price or less.
  5. G9m3c, In the interior section this was there: http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=134575 I read the reviews about the carpet and i puchased mine through the guy that is recommended. I hope this helps.
  6. Yea its an early model 260z. I will post pics as soon as i learn how to use this system. I might just do that with the cores. Thanks guys.
  7. Hey all, My name is Axel and I am an avid nissan lover. My first car at the age of 16 was a Honda Civic coupe with a bit of work. After a few scares autox'ing and then wrecking, I bought a 1986 240sx SE coupe. From that day "once you go rear forget about torque steer." It had a simple sr20DET swap, 300zx brake upgrade with 5 lug all around. TEIN suspension, JDM front end conversion, Flat black and tints. I was parked on a corner and a guy hit me with an eldorado. I just recently bought a '74 260z. The previous owner gave her a nice paint job. My plans are to upgrade the front brakes. The rear brakes have been upgraded to the maxima brakes. Are there any Z shops or clubs around the NY NJ area? Where can I get all the parts required for the frotn brake upgrade. I dont want the vented rotor upgrade. The 89 toyota caliper and stock rotor will suffice. I am really interested. Ask any questions are welcome and help is appreciated. I will post pictures up soon.--Axel
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