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  1. I too would love to see more pictures.. Im about to spend alot on parts for my bone stock 71. Seeing that my stock rear wheel cylinders are gone and cost a fortune to replace Im just going to get the wilwood setup all around. Any idea if this kit front and back will accept the 15'' turbo swastikas? They are the only 15 inch wheels I have for now...
  2. (yes i do need to research more and learn more but thankyou all for inquiring) I think my plan will be to start slow and basic and put the turbo on.. and play with the ecu's i have and see what works best. In the past I bought a junk snowmobile and bought everything aftermarket all at once to try and make it fast and cool but none of the parts worked well together being so modified all at once with not even a good starting platform.. I dont want to make that mistake again. So I shall see what slow, 1 at a time changes do for the car. Turbo will be first, then hopefully she
  3. I bought this car 2 years ago not running.. it runs today but a mechanic looked into it a few months ago and said my turbo and ecu is bad. I think the turbo doesnt even spin anymore, and the ecu has a bad readout for continuity on one of the terminals I was told. So at this point should i just swap the turbos and see what happens? Ive been wanting to do this but was scared i would hurt the engine with a bigger turbo and not upgrading anything else.
  4. I just want it driveable and cleaned up under the hood. I thought the t3t4 turbos needed bigger injectors to compensate pushing in more air? Isnt there more to it then installing turbo and fabbing up a exhaust? Im new to turbocharged engines.. just want to go as basic as possible to get it on the road again. The parts I have came off a 280zxt but I never saw the car or it running.. so I dont know what they had for other upgrades.
  5. Hey everyone.. I have a 83 280zxt 5spd with 133k.. bought it all factory but not running. Got it home and after a few hours I got it running.. but runs poorly. It has a bad turbo and ecu. Ive picked up a t3-t4 a.r50 turbo and a stock ecu outve a good running car that someone parted out for a v8 project Ive yet to install anything on the car because I want to have all the necessary parts on hand to install prior to safe daily driving. I would really appreciate hearing how I should upgrade this car and whats the safe way of doing so.. thankyou for any input!
  6. I have a 83 zxt 5spd. only 133k miles.. It has bad turbo and ecu, I got a t3-t4 ar50 turbo and a good stock 83 ecu outve a running car to replace stock stuff thats broken. Wondering what else I will need for parts and how to install as this is my first turbo car to play with.. Ive been told I will atleast need new bigger injectors and should upgrade to z31 ecu and harness from like a 87 300zx as the 280zxt ecu's always have issues. I plan on getting the 240sx 60mm tb as they allow more airflow. Intercooler and bov? intake runner cleanup or upgrade? exhaust to tie
  7. UPDATE!!!!! bought a t3 t4 turbo.. like new condition. also scored a good ecu for the car outve a running 83 zxt. turbo came from same car.. it ran great.. driveline removed due to owner of that project wanting to do a v8 project of some kind What else should i get to safely run the new turbo i have.. definately want intercooler but not sure what to go with just yet.. still contimplating but i am motivated and eager to hear opinions and what ppl run on their car builds. thankyou
  8. I got a 83 280zxt 5spd with 133k.. It has a bad turbo and ecu.. Its all stock and still runs, but very poorly and not driveable at all.. chugs and pops in intake, carbons up plugs. Has new plugs and wires, new chts, good spare afm, and tps.. tried swapping those and no difference.. ( this is before discovery of bad turbo and ecu) I have the option of buying a t3/t4 turbo from someone locally and he also has a 83 zxt ecu outve a working car. Since the t3/t4 isnt stock is there future things im going to have to buy to compensate the upgrade? Im new to turbo
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