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  1. tpnorth

    WTB 280zx

    i have a 83 zx in fl non turbo 5 speed runs and drives great needs some body work simple things pm if your interested
  2. so the car has been sitting for about a week because i work retail and this week has been hell at work and i got my hatch struts in so i installed those and figured what the hell lets see if it starts and sure enough it turn right over cold start no sputtering nothing. Sounds like relays right??
  3. The fuel pump does not make any noise which makes me think its not running.Hence the reason why the car will not turn over.I head the injectors poping and i also her the starter and it sound like it want to start up but its doesnt have fuel. I have yet to hot wire the pump mainly because that coating on the post its giving me problems and then ill go try to see if the car starts and it does.Its so random.
  4. Alright well im out of ideas ive read through some of the other post about fuel issues and i dont really fall into them.So Here is my problem the other day i went out to start my car and it didnt turn over i figured it was the fuel pump.Next mourning i went to pull the pump and i figured what the hell let me give it a shot and the car started right up.few weeks later i go to start it and again no fuel pump kicking on.I had some bad gas but i dont think that did anything i drained most of it out and tried starting it again and the car turned over and then shut right off and no power again from the fuel pump and now again no pump kicking on im lost now ive check ther relay and im pretty sure its good and the fusable link is also good what am i missing here oh and my fuel light is on even tho i have half a tank of gas and when i go to turn the car over a sensor light lights ups??
  5. Haha that switch panel looks like something from bond movie will your head lights move out and shoot rockets??jfwy gl with it.Does the push button light up at all?? would look kinda cool if it did
  6. cut the wires is the only way i know to do it
  7. another problem is the led screen in the middle of the cluster is all lit up red and when i hit the button it shows a radiator and says water??? Im lost
  8. No power at the actual lights all other lights work i think it maybe the arm im pulling it apart to see tomorrow.
  9. checked all the fuses and fusible links already all seem good
  10. Alright well im stumped now. I got my car up and running and now all of the sudden my headlights wont work and i took her around the block the other day and i noticed two dash lights were on my ebrake and my door lights wont go out.I went around with a test light and my hanes manual and tested everything and the only thing that didnt seem to get power was the lights like everything else has power but its not getting all the way to the headlights?? Any ideas what i should look for??
  11. That did thanks i just found one on ebay for very cheap and one of my friends came by and thought i had one I think i kinda let him down haha.
  12. I couldnt really find anything on the digital dash that come in the 83zx so if you know where this has already been discussed please just link me to it.Okay so i have a 83 zx and for looking alot came with the digital dash but mine didnt how hard would it be to pick one up and throw it in my car.Also is it worth it i mean are they known to fail easly or anything like that??
  13. Got any pic of the interior.Also did you say you swaped the 300 door panels in how does that look??
  14. Hmm maybe the kid was located in st pete fl i picked it up off a local forum in tampa. Oh its not the anniversary edition just a similar color but all and all its not to bad normal rust but for 400 bucks and the extra parts i got i couldnt pass it up.
  15. yeah i think i am hearing the injector thats where it sounds like its comming from. What do you mean like did i just get the car if so yes i got it two weeks ago 400 bucks and i was told it didnt run but it seems okay now that i got alot of the little things will be heading to the body shop now to get the rust dealt with.
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