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  1. Ill trade my 73 240z with mods but only if its a straight trade. PM you
  2. dam 30min restriction

  3. hey sent you a PM not sure if you got it though.

  4. here you go man.. this is from craigslist in Los Angeles.. Hope this helps http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/pts/1537790663.html
  5. Ok so I searched the forums and get any feed back.. I have a unisyn for my SU carbs but trying to tune it is a problem .. The front carb is not reading but the rear is.. any suggestions on whats going on?
  6. Do you have pictures? I just might want to trade
  7. It had been posted but I cant find the answer so hear it goes.. My 73 240z has an engine swap..L28 with a P90 head.. If the P90 head is from a turbo model does taht mean I can go EFI with the stock L28et parts? and if so. What do I need. I have SU carbs but before had tripple webs.. I like to go EFI so can anyone tell me what do I need? Thanks everyone who is going to help me out on this
  8. Just wondering.. Do you really need to cut? I talked to classicdatsun and they said it depends on the tire size. If this is true can anyone give me any input? I also notice in pictures that in Japan the fenders are not cut at all.
  9. my stock tack did work before I went to msd but I just forgot what wires go to where
  10. Ok so I search the forums on this and I cant find it.. Before I installed the MSD my tach and wires were correct. Im taking out the MSD and going back to stock but I cant figure out the wires and where is should be connected. Can anyone please tell me what wires connect to what?? I have a l28 in my 240z w the e12-80 distributor. There is a Green and white wire, 2 black and white wires the two wires for the e12-80 and my coil.... One last thing.. Do i need the ballast resistor or can I bypass it?? Thanks everyone and hope someone can tell me what wires go to where
  11. I installed the mirrors sometimes it gets me cause they are not even but I followed the diagram to a T but because the passenger is higher then the driver side it just looks different but Its cool cause I dont have to turn my head anymore and the visual is great
  12. Im selling my 73 with some mods for 4000 check out my post on for sale. This car was from CAli BTW.... Im located in Las Vegas
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