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  1. ping. BAT auction ends in at 11:10pst on 3/5/2018
  2. Selling my 1973 Datsun 240z on Bring A Trailer. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-datsun-240z-43/ LS1 engine, T-56 transmission Exterior: White 2,400 miles since rebuild Located in San Diego, CA More details on bring a trailer in link above. Contact: John DM for contact info and questions.
  3. Any knowledge of who did the group buy? I'm curious if there are any left over! I can figure someone quoting you $200 for a waterjet cnc'd cut for one piece, it would be better to do a large batch, but you could definitely have a guy fabricate the current one for a case of beer at your local metal shop. I know the cnc'd one would look prettier... but who's looking down there? haha
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. It seems like there is definitely a market for these at a reasonable price. Maybe we can get a group buy going...? Although, it wouldn't be all that hard to fabricate the current one to work, especially with the nice diagram (thanks "rb26powered74zcar")! $95 from Ross doesn't sound to bad, but I'm still surprised someone has produced one cheaper. rp975 - Looks good. Not sure if it would work on mine though, I have a fuel cell that comes pretty close to the back of the diff. I have to measure to be exact, but depending on how far the brace sticks out toward the back, clearance might be an issue for modded applications. Good stuff, thanks!
  5. I have been looking around for a easy way to keep my finned cover on my R-200 CLSD and not have it interfere with the rear cross brace. I realize that arizona z car sells the custom billet brace kit and includes the dog legs, but I really don't want to pay $319 for a small piece of metal (I know it looks pretty...) Also, modern-motorsports sells a whole kit for $495 but I don't need all the extra stuff, and its still, IMO priced a little higher than its worth it. I could just use the flat cover and spend that money on a diff cooler but would rather not deal with having gear oil flowing externally. Question was: Is there anyone who has fabricated the stock one to work with the finned cover? I thought there was some sort of group buy or fabrication going on for these. If anyone has one they don't need let me know! Does anyone also know how much extra heat builds up without the finned cover on the CLSD? Thanks!
  6. Great! Thanks for all the tips, I will check into them and see what route I will go.
  7. I need a rear hatch rod/ gas shock for a 73 240z. The last one I bought from a guy did not even hold the hatch up. So if you have one, I need it to work before I buy it. If you have any questions feel free to let me know. Thanks
  8. Still wanted/needed! Thanks!
  9. Try posting a want ad in the parts section. You will have better luck. Good luck!
  10. There will not be any binding issues with the 280zxt halfshafts. If you installed them incorrectly, you will know it. One side is longer than the other side halfshaft. Any differential should make some noise. No minor clunking is a bad thing. As Bjhines said, you want some play in the diff, but only a small amount. With the clutch diff's there is more noise because of the locking. All diff's hum at speed. Also, another thing to check is make sure your halfshaft bolts (the small 8mm ones that connect to your pinion flanges) are tight. I have a spool rear end and because it constantly puts so much torque on the halfshafts it will loosing up those bolts every so often and I have to watch it closely. That is how I broke a cv... loose bolts and not knowing it. New or very old/used clsd's will be noisier. Just a given. Hope that helps.
  11. Hello, I am looking for a full set (front and rear) of new, unmounted/un-drilled ZG flares. If you have a set you are looking to sell and get rid of please let me know! Thanks, John
  12. Hello, I am looking for clear headlight covers for a 240z. Preferrably new, but I would also consider used if they came with all mounting hardware and were in great condition. If you have a pair you are looking to sell and get rid of please let me know! Thanks, John
  13. Hey, thanks for the heads up! Gave the guy a call, and might go pick them up. Appreciate your help!
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