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  1. i have a complete engine & trans .if you want give me a call 205-368-4563
  2. rookie z

    Wanted L28 N/A

    i dont know how far you want to drive ,but i have engine & trans .cylinder head re-worked 600 miles ago. give me a call 205-368-4563 ,ask for mike.
  3. he will get it but it wont be from someone buying that car .he has to sale what ever he is smoking!!!!!
  4. thanks everyone! it was the driveshaft hitting the sway bar.
  5. which ,the ones on the axles or the drive shaft. the ones in the shaft are new,i know thats not saying much.
  6. thanks , i will check that .never thought about that but i will let you know.
  7. i changed the oil and its still making the noise.i used my electronic scope & it sounds more like the axles,not sure 1st time with a z.
  8. thanks , i will try that and let you know.
  9. just looking ,every thing seems to be ok .the car had been sitting about 10 years when i got it.
  10. its coming from the diff. im sorry ,i thought i said that.
  11. i have a 78 280z ,i just finished with ls1 swap .i thought everything was good until i backed out of my shop .i have a clicking or popping noise when backing up but no noise when going forward ,anyone have this problem.
  12. i just wanted to thank everyone for helping me with my z.i am finished as far as for getting it running , now i can move on to the bodywork.thanks again!
  13. i put the resistor in and it started charging , but by the time i went to check the voltage it stopped charging.i tried it 3 diffrent wires with the same results ,so do you guys think i should replace the alternator or rebuild it or what next?
  14. should it be 12 volts?how about i splice a 12 volt wire into the connector .will that work?
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