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  1. Glenn, I replied to your pm
  2. It seems that megasquirt is really the way to go on this. So I swapped a batter into the z and did a compression test just to make sure I am not dealing with something that already has a big problem. I'm not sure what these cars read when they have a warm engine, but my car has not been started in over a year so I am pretty happy with the results. The engine was cold and I was holding the throttle wide open. http://s176.photobucket.com/user/cardana24/media/image_zps6d252e25.jpg.html'> Firewall 6-125 5-130 4-125 3-130 2-120 1-118 Radiator
  3. I went ahead and ordered the connector that you linked. Thanks for that. I also went ahead and ordered a remote start switch since that is something I should have anyway. I have not dug into the car at all so I have not looked at the AFM but the car did come with a second AFM. I have not a chance to check the part number but I assume it is the correct one for the car. Thanks for the advice/info so far, I have not even seen the car crank over at this point.
  4. Yeah, the guy had alligator clips jumping around in the fuseable link area. What links are over there? Anything that would keep the car from cranking? I would at least like to do a compression test before I yank the engine so I will have some sort of data to go on. I found some info on the HEI mod. That looks like something I can hook up pretty easy if I need to. Where can I get a replacement TPS plug/harness other than at the junk yard? Does anyone sell a repair harness or some aftermarket plug that would work? I have not pulled the valve cover off of the car yet. I pl
  5. Yeah, I have thought of that too. I just wanted to hear it run before I took it out. It seems that mega squirt is the most popular aftermarket option.
  6. Hey guys, I just picked up an 82 zxt, automatic. I bought this car with the intention of putting the engine in my 1984 maxima, but I would like to see the engine run before I pull it out of the 280zx. I was told the engine was in running shape but it was not getting spark...at this point there are a few things pulled apart so I cannot even be sure that is correct. The guy that I bought it from said the previous owner was having trouble with the car cutting out of on him every once in a swhil until one day it would just not start. Anyway here is the car I looked around and sa
  7. Hey Guys, I have an 84 maxima, and I am looking for an L28et to swap into it. The price I am willing to pay really depends on mileage and condition. I am looking for a full engine, and I would like the air meter and ecu too. I am located in VA, and would consider driving a few states away for a good deal, if it's not with in reasonable driving distance you must be willing to ship the engine. Also, if you have a full 280zx with the turbo engine that you are looking to sell with a known good engine I would consider buying the whole car from you too. As a side note I am also loo
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