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  1. Just tried agian and the link doesnt like working so I've copy pasted the CL ad. I have a bunch of parts for sale from building my RB25DET powered Datsun 280z and need to get them sold off now that the car is gone. I have S30's The plastic bezels for the amber grill lights for a 260z and 280z - $30 A complete set of heat shielding for the master cylinder for 260z and 280z - $30 A good vacuum accumulator tank for the HVAC on 240z 260z and 280z - $40 280z speedometer (should work in other s30's too) $50 Volt and fuel level gauge for 240z 260z and 280z - $50 Rear control arm for all s30 right or left - $80 280z AC Condensor - $50 RB25 parts: Factory working fuel pressure regulator - $40 AC compressor - $65 AC Compressor mounting bracket - $40 Ignition Coil cover - $10 Q45 upgrade throttle body - Sold Engine mount castings - $20 Z32 300zx MAF Mass Airflow Meter - $60 I'm willing to combine and work deals for what ever you need. I have AC hard lines for a 280z also, and a bunch of hardware for bothe 280z and RB25.
  2. Car is sold folks, thanks for all the advice and interest! I have a bunch of parts left over if anyone is interested. Link below. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/pts/5790405382.html
  3. Yup, beat me to it to post on here haha. Ive since gotten the gauges all sorted and built ebrake adapters for the rear disks, so thats all taken care of too. It also now has a front splitter that runs back behind the core support, which was a nice little addition for looks and function. If people are interested at the new price point let me know!
  4. Not sure the code, but its called "light blue metallic".
  5. Well, after much toil and lost sleep, i found a place at the top of the gearbox that was touching the trans tunnel. Vibration gone... Happy days
  6. Well, long chat with the Fiance, and I've taken it off the market. I build and sell custom watches and sales are looking up finally, so its looking like I may not be forced to sell the hot rod. Thanks everyone for making me come to my senses.
  7. I'm located about 40 minutes north of Atlanta.
  8. So what your all saying is that I should raise my price?
  9. Here's the deal, This car has been my project for the last 2 years now. I bought the shell and the drive train separately, and spent about a year building it. Ive wanted an RB-Z for quite a while, but am finding that the wedding Im planning for is taking priority for me financially. Lots if top notch parts and one hell of a good runner. New seats, new carpet set, disc brakes in the rear, 4 puck front brakes from silvermine, koni adjustible dampers, cosmo coilover kit. rb25det spec2 with LS2 coil conversion, t3/t4 turbo, ali radiator, thermostatically controlled electric fan, urethane fuel cell, bosch 044 fuel pump, aeromotive FPR, full length mandrel bent 2.5" hand made exhaust, CV axle upgrade (not installed yet), STACK tachometer/telemetry system, VDO gauges elsewhere (currently no speedo) PLX devices Lambda wideband controller. New JNC wheels, tires have 4000 miles in them, like the freshly rebuild motor... Which got new pistons, rings, ARP head studs, and cometic head gasket. Has a new 5 puck clutch, master and slave for the clutch too. Brand new wilwood master cylinder. It doesn't have a working e brake, but I should have that installed this weekend. So unless you come buy it tomorrow, it'll probably be working by the time it sells. Only wiring bug is the blinkers don't work, flashers do though. Buying price is $10,500, which is damn decent considering how straight and rust free the car is, and how much car your getting with the RB swap.
  10. I've had all I can stand. I'm going to pull the gearbox this weekend and get the flywheel/pressure plate assembly balanced. As far as I can find online the RB's are totally internally balanced and shouldn't require my machinist to account for a counter balance. Is that correct? Going to have a better look at the top side of the gearbox too and see if maybe its been touching anywhere I couldn't see from the bottom. Wish me luck... this has been a problem since I first built the car...
  11. Im lookig for some short front strut inserts so I can lower my front more, and Im running Cosmo coilovers so they need to be fairly agressive valving to keep up with the spring rate Im running. I cant justify buyimg new ones... New struts and camber core tion kits cost as much as simply buying real deal coil overs.... Which are also easier to modify the car for haha. Anybody has somethkng to offer let me know! Thanks!
  12. Ok, I bought one of those sheets from Home Depot after reading that the PVC foam is actually quite rigid. We will see. Expect photo's and a write up here once I start digging in.
  13. Yea, been looking at Birch, I've used ABS in the past but its pricey. Just wondering how this foam PVC holds up and cant find specs on temp range or tensile strength.
  14. Has anyone here ever worked with Palight PVC plastic sheet for building a splitter/undertray? Seems cost effective (48"x24" sheet shipped for $57) and short of a temperature rating seems up to the task. Im just seeing who, if anyone has worked witb the product and seekng if its viable for that ise case. Cheers!
  15. Blob1620


    Hi everybody, Has anyone used an a header manufacturer they liked for a low mount application. I see high mount stuff all over but I'm using a t3 hot side turbo with an internal wastegate and I'm looking to keep the turbo in the same location the stock manifold has it to avoid redoing the down pipe and potentially being forced to change turbos. This one looks well made http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TOG-NISSAN-SKYLINE-R32-R33-R34-RB20-RB25-LOW-MOUNT-EXHAUST-MANIFOLD-/121450731122 But then theres always the temptation of saving a bunch of money by going with the GodSpeed style t-304 stainless header. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/T3-RACING-TURBO-MANIFOLD-EXHAUST-FOR-85-99-NISSAN-SKYLINE-R31-R32-R33-RB20-RB25-/191291485916?hash=item2c89dc6edc:g:X~gAAOSwHnFV6dq9 Anybody have opinions on this?
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