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  1. Hey, do the same swap atm. Have a look a wiring specialties, had one of them and the quality and available options are insane.
  2. They had no Dustcovers on the caplipers so at my place they dont like it. But i‘m Fine with That 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Hi, I love it to Sure you can, but when you have a look at a willwood brake setup you will end up a lot cheaper. I would use willwood but in Germany they're not allowed. 😕
  4. Hi Guys, got my Wheels testfitted and i think i Need some spacers 😅 Also tacked my Exhaust Have a nice Sunday.
  5. Hey guys, just some Little Updates. Throw in my bake and clutch boosters and make a Little part of the boost Pipes. Not the best Weld in Earth but i‘m still learning.
  6. I Had cutted my spare tyre trough because it was Rusty and i had looked for a new one with a straight upside and this is What i found 😁
  7. Hey, i dont think that the car would be too light. There is no too light, only not enough grip😁 Surely the Tank dont fit direkt. My wheels are 8.5/10x17 with 225/255 Semi Slicks. Dont know the size of the Spacers der, will See After tyres are fitted.
  8. These and similar "Chinacracker" where often use as Upgrades for 200SX/Skylines and a lot of Honda Guys throw them on. I use one of them in the next weeks for my Honda Torneo Build. They're Ok for the money. If they last for 1-2 Years you can Buy a lot of them for the price of one from a named brand. I would not use on If I need the car daily to get to work and there is no other car available :D
  9. Hi Guys, long some time is gone with no updates but now i found some time for new contend. Got my Car back from the Painter in the 10/10/18, about 2 months later then I thought but who cares.. First things First, drop in the fresh painted engine with the new Garrett Honeywell GT28R Turbo. and some Cooling... Time to throw in the Axles, all Powdercoated or painted with new Poly Bushings all around and a nice BC Racing Coilover kit. To Stop my little Grey Mouse I choose a complete Skyline R33 GSTS Br
  10. Was brauchst du denn genau? Meine ist ziemlich hin gewesen, aber vielleicht ist ja noch was zu gebrauchen was dir hilft.
  11. Hey Guys, little Update. Some more Engine Parts painted. Hope to Can make some process Next week After i get the costumer cars out of the Garage.
  12. Alleine aufgrund der doppelten Leistung sollte der sich schon anders fahren
  13. Der Aftermarketbereich ist echt groß beim SR. Der Hype ist denke ich mittlerweile schon wieder etwas vorbei aber die Serienleistung ist natürlich auch n Punkt. Ich bin mal gespannt wie der Eimer sich am ende fährt.
  14. Naja, Serie zieht der keinen Hering vom Teller und um etwas bumms da rein zu bekommen muss man gleich den ganzen Motor neu machen. Aber ich muss gestehen das meine CA-Erfahrungen nicht besonders groß sind, bekomme das nur immer so nebenbei mit und das sehr viele von CA auf SR swappen wird n Grund haben
  15. Naja, so richtig toll find ich die von Klang her beide nicht, wenn man mal nen RB gehört hat. Ne, also der CA ist für mich das schwarze Schaf der Nissan Turbo-Familie
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