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  1. I love RX7s. I’m not sure what it weighs yet, haven’t put it on a scale. I would say closer to 2,500. Rear gear is 4.11, tires are 335 60 R15. I’m hoping for 500rwhp. If lower that’s ok right now, haven’t done any tuning, the intent is to add a blower down the road. Has 10.5:1 compression right now. Thanks for all all the compliments guys!!
  2. Hey Everyone, so I have been holding out a bit, I have posted on here a few times and have had awesome response so I wanted to finally post my build now that it runs and drives! Have just shy of 400 KM on it! Goal was a drag oriented street car! Fully street legal! Build is a 1973 240z LQ4 stroker build, all forged SCAT internals, stroked to a 6.7L. GMPP LS3 CNC heads with trunion upgrade and Bryan Tooley springs Comp LSR Cam LS3 intake MSD Atomic EFI for LS Tremec T56 Super Magnum Ford 9”, all Strange Components, Spool Rear Wilwood Brakes Line Lock Drag Radials CustomLong Tubes, Flowmaster Exhaust PW Radiator No power anything lol. Full cage and Chromoly from the engine compartment back 4 Link suspension All Speedhut Gauges Aeromotive Fuel System, A1000 pump Car will get paint and body work done next year! I have way more pics but posted the important ones lol. Let me know what you guys think!!
  3. Thanks for all the help guys. I am going to go with the Rota Grid classics in a 15x8 with zero offset on the front and then a 15x9 in the rear with Nitto 555r tires. Hopefully the 15x8s will look good with the front flares and not tucked in too much?
  4. Ok, I found these online and they are exactly what I am looking for, but with the 9s up front I don't know if they will clear or not. They are a 15 x 9 with a -20 offset. Feedback? http://www.ebay.com/itm/JDM-15-AE86-Datsun-ta22-pcd114-3-Staggered-wheels-240z-watanabe-Z31-s30-Atara-/162153737961
  5. Thank you Seattle Jester! Great post! Explained all my tire woes! Still having trouble finding anything rims wise that I like in a 16" wheel in the front and a 17" in the back. Anybody got any recommendations. I like the watanabe wheels, but to my knowledge there is nobody who sells these in Canada. My other option is I drop down to a 15" in the front and back, but I still am looking for at least a 9" wide rim in the back minimum, prefer a 10". Offset and backspacing is not an issue on the back as the whole back end of the car will be built around the wheels, but the finding matching wheels for the front right now is what is challenging.
  6. Sorry, misread that. Hmm... a 15" wheel would be nice on the fronts, or even a 16" wheel on the front, with 17s in the rear. So the +35 offset means the wheels sit in 35mm closer to the hub? Lol, I know lots about wheels and tires, but this whole offset thing and picking matching rims for the front, it is alot more challenging when you want a 10" wheel in the back and only a 6" up front.
  7. So I can run 17 x 8 with a 35 offset on the front with stock suspension then? You are correct in saying that I am not overly concerned about the back as I can adjust it to what I need it to be.
  8. I have done some more research and I just don't think I can bring my self to fit flares on the car. I think it looks too clean to do that. Anybody got wheel suggestions?
  9. Hey guys, So chassis work is officially underway. The car is going to be a 600 hp LS 240z with a T56. The back of the car is getting a 9" Ford and the front suspension will be replaced so that I have 5x114.3 bolt pattern on the front. Not sure what shocks I need, so I am open to recommendations but in order for us to start tubbing the back, adding the 4 link suspension, and adding the new axle I need to make a choice on wheels and tires. My initial thought was a set of American Racing Torque Thrust style wheels, but now I saw the Rota Grid wheels. Not to mention that the American Racing are $550 CDN a pop and these Rotas are $330. I am planning on running about an 295 drag radial tire in the rear, so the 17x9s (Hyper black in colour) will work in the rear as literally every part of the rear end will be built around these wheels. My only concern is the front wheels are a 17 x 8 with a 35 offset, and I am not sure if that is going to be too wide for the front and rub against the suspension. The car will have ZG flares on it, but I need some help with wheels (open to recommendations if these wont work)! It will also get bigger brakes on the front, and again probably different front suspension, but I need some guidelines if these wheels are even feasible in the first place, otherwise I am back to the drawing board. I did some looking last night in the forums, but as time is of the essence I am hoping I can get some immediate feedback from some knowledgeable Z owners. I'll add the link below to the wheels: https://www.rotawheels.ca/cart/Product_View.php?id=2 Thanks!
  10. Does anybody know of anyone who makes back half kits for these cars! Thanks!
  11. I searched on ls1 tech. Even posted a new topic and haven't gotten any responses. Just worried about clearances on the strut towers.
  12. Hey guys, So I have done some reading and research and I am very surprised to find nothing on this topic. I am about to start assembling my lq4 based 408 stroker. The front timing cover I have on this motor is from the stock lq4. The car I am swapping it into is a 73 240z and I do not want the car to have power steering or ac. Does anybody know of a front accessory drive combo, with part numbers, that will mount to my motor, place the alternator in the f body position, and will work with the lq4 front timing cover? Any issues with the F body mounting position. Thanks
  13. Anybody got one they are willing to part with? I need it shipped to Canada is the only thing. Let me know!
  14. Hey Guys, So I am sourcing the big parts for my build before I start the teardown. I have been looking for a beefier T56 for a while now, but living in Canada really has limited my options unless I wanna shell out $3,000 for a used T56. However, I got a line on a brand new Magnum T56 from the states for a decent price. My questions are these: 1. Has anyone done a conversion with this transmission? 2. Would the shifter position work for my S30 chasis? I bought the John's car kit, but I believe the mounts will not work 100% for this transmission because my understanding is that the Magnum's are a TR6060 with different inards and a different casing? The build this is going into is a 1973 Z with a 5.3 LS and a turbo. Thanks!
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