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  1. This is a Datsun forum. Someone here might have some overlapping knowledge, but you'd have a better chance on a Chevy forum.
  2. I thought so too, but on the description they call it paint and say it leaves a "uniform 1mil thick epoxy finish". Ah, I thought you were in the PNW since you used Metalworks. Taking it back up would be a pain.
  3. http://powder-fab.com/e-coating/ It's the process that OEMs use on their bare metal. It's the familiar black finish that unpainted replacement panels come with. I believe that place has tanks large enough for an S30 shell, but I can't find their max size specs right now. I thought they had them listed before. There are a ton of shops that do cars in the Midwest, but that's the only one I've found on the West Coast that isn't a super vague industrial website.
  4. Are you planning on having it epoxy dipped or having it sprayed?
  5. Yeah, I wouldn't think the water pump is sucking from the lower rad hose with the turbo water somehow avoiding that, traveling upwards, and going through the turbo. I'm with ZHoob.
  6. There's a guy on Facebook in the Church of L-Series group selling a complete engine if that's what you're after.
  7. 34psi? Are you running an L28ET or something else?
  8. Just south of Sakakawea. I went to HS in Hazen. There's a guy in Montana selling what looks like a decent Series 1 shell if you're really after one. https://m.facebook.com/groups/995586513795146?view=permalink&id=2481289638558152&fs=2&focus_composer=0&ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_activity Not sure if that link will work or not.
  9. Any swap is possible, it just depends on the work you want to do. There are 2JZ crossmembers for sale that make the engine swap pretty easy, and a T56 swap has been done a lot, though I don't know it anyone has put one behind a 2j into a Z. You'll have to do some hammering on the tunnel and make a custom crossmember, but that's not too difficult. Hoke Performance makes T56 crossmembers if you want to just drill holes. I assume NDFarmer means North Dakota? What part? I grew up there.
  10. Mounting ears like that are designed to be loaded in shear, so I'd keep an eye on what the added bending moments do to the mounts over time.
  11. Chris has replied pretty promptly to me in the past, despite not posting here much anymore. Try sending him a PM.
  12. calZ

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    You have to donate before you can post in the for sale section
  13. Floors, under the battery tray, spare wheel well, exterior doglegs, and the hatch sill are the most common areas. You should also check if the frame rails are crushed or not. That's a relatively easy replacement, but it's good to check what condition they're in.
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