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  1. Is there some type of coating on the hub splines? From your second picture, it looks like something is either peeling or being machined off as you slide it on. I would try cleaning out the hub splines with a wire brush. It surprises me sometimes how little it takes to really jam up things with a tight fit.
  2. I was going to suggest just going and looking at the clearance rack at the Simpson factory store in Harbor City, but it appears they've closed up shop in the last couple years. That's really a shame. It was great to have a place like that locally. Cheap but new gear and also could get measured for a top-of-the-line custom suit. Looks like they moved everything to Texas.
  3. Yes, those measurements are correct.
  4. What were the issues you ran into with your intake?
  5. Haha of course, but probably a bargain compared to having it done in the US.
  6. Yeah, that makes sense. The middle man has to take his cut. I've had a few small things made for different projects and it always baffles me how cheaply I can get things. I ordered a small part recently, and it was ~$50 shipped to my house via air mail. Someone has to take the order, someone else has to machine it, another person has to package it, and then all the people it takes to get it to my step from China, yet all of them get paid somehow.
  7. Did you work directly with a machine shop over there or did you go through a service like Xometry or PCBWay?
  8. I think the angle of the picture is just playing tricks on your eyes. This has less of an angle change from the TB to the port and a longer radius on the plenum than the Protunerz intake.
  9. That looks like a nice solution. The 240Z has a different center vent setup, so I'll have to do something similar when I put mine in.
  10. What are you swapping to? I thought you were running this now
  11. The Cometic gasket that was designed by a member here (Jeff Priddy) is the current favorite. It has individually bossed holes for every possible port on every head/block, allowing you to add even more cooling pathways if you want. Godzilla and Milkfab both carry it.
  12. 1 x Hoodie Dark Heather XL 1 x T-shirt Dark Heather Gray L 90278 Thanks so much for doing this!
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