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  1. Sounds to me like it's possible the force-sensing units take a bit to react, but the ones working off a speed sensor signal don't. Anyone with a SilverMine setup? They use a speed signal, so that would help figure out if my guess is correct.
  2. McMaster has a pretty good selection of clevises if the pushrod switch doesn't work out.
  3. https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/91330-240z-chassis-prep-reinforcements/
  4. I don't know, you haven't told us anything other than posting a link to your YouTube channel and then asking for our reactions, coincidentally your only two posts. Post up your opinion and perhaps we can have a discussion.
  5. Don't worry. That's a common mistake people make with auto to manual swaps, and not just on S30s
  6. Mind sharing the PWM and pot you're using? I'm installing the same HVAC unit, but I've always hated having only 3 fan settings.
  7. Any updates on this Chris?
  8. If you do want the Star Road kit, you can go through an importer like jessestreeter.com to get it. He might be able to get you a discount too
  9. calZ

    frame rails

    I was saying that you don't have to even add material. Just cut slots in the metal and bend.
  10. What was the result of taking the flywheel back to the shop?
  11. And it's not even going to be a carbon replica of the body. What was the point of even replying?
  12. calZ

    frame rails

    Why do you need pipe to add vents? Louvers work just fine.
  13. Might be a dumb question, but did you bleed the clutch after reinstalling?
  14. As long as you don't mind seeing where you're driving and not having a hood, I don't see why not. Do it and post progress here.
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