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  1. calZ

    Frame Rails

    Also because the market for $2k replacement rails is super small
  2. Yeah. A header made for the larger square ports should be larger than any round port. It isn't really ideal for perfectly smooth flow, but it's functional and likely won't be noticeable.
  3. You can use a square port manifold on a round port head I believe, just not the other way around. As long as the square gasket holes are larger than the round ports, it'll work.
  4. You're selling the Z32? How much are you asking?
  5. Now that I will agree with. You don't need all the capture area, and angling the ducting to act as a diffuser and increase pressure at the expense of velocity is good for the radiator. It doesn't match your statement that the angling would create a venturi effect and increase airflow at low speeds, though.
  6. Explain what you mean by inward and outward bends. If I'm reading it correctly, you're saying that having a narrower opening and increasing the area of the duct towards the radiator will increase the velocity of the air going through the radiator?
  7. I've never owned one, but R230 should be an R230. If it's the same diff, the center sections should be swappable.
  8. http://www.ozdat.com.au/ozdatonline/enginedesign/
  9. Bending the shroud inwards would be a mistake, imo. A flat piece of aluminum is bad enough in terms of blocking flow. Moving it even closer to the core would mean your radiator area is now the size of your two fan openings.
  10. There are products like this, but you'd have to find one that matches the Datsun thread. https://speedhut.com/accessories/sensors/speed-sensors/speedbox-cable-included-gps-vss-to-mechanical-drive-speed-converter/
  11. Shade tree guys should still use respirators. PPE is very important in the garage
  12. It's not viewable unless you're a member of the page. Have a screenshot?
  13. I don't think I've seen anyone mold in ZG flares, since their whole aesthetic is the bolt on look. Plenty of people have molded in other flares, though. The bodywork in this thread was really well done.
  14. Four (or more) pins definitely make it easier to get into the engine bay and do things, but 2 pins and hinging it is infinitely easier if you're by yourself. You also avoid needing to find space to set the hood or worrying about the wind flipping it and ruining the paint. It's all tradeoffs.
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