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  1. You're in the entirely wrong area, but here you go
  2. That's unfortunate. I think you could still probably make it work. You'd just have to change the hole pattern and play with the thickness of the adapter.
  3. I haven't talked to AZC. I ordered some 5-lug hubs from T3, so as soon as they get here I'll be able to do a test fit to see about sensor mounting.
  4. What year is your car, manninen?
  5. RockAuto has it listed at 8.75", or 222.25mm. The bolt pattern is the exact same on the Toyota booster as the 240Z booster. There's some discussion about it and then bawfuls installed one in this thread:
  6. The surface that contacts the innermost brake pad. I have Z31 hubs that I used to mock up a wheel speed sensor add-on, but yes, I'm waiting on some 5-lug hubs from T3.
  7. Has anyone ever used a slip-on rotor on the front? I've been interested in making it happen since it would match the rears(T3 Q45 swap), and it would mean I could pull the rotors off without having to mess with the wheel bearings. I found a rotor that I think would do the trick. It's a front rotor for a 99-01 Ford Explorer and has 0.2mm clearance on the center bore and 0.6mm on the outer hub bore. The rotor is 26mm thick instead of the standard 28mm the Q45 front calipers are made for, but that's not an issue. The inboard face of the rotor would end up ~10mm further out than stock, but I don't think that's in an unreasonable spot. Thoughts? I'll attach the drawing of the Explorer rotor below. Btw, the European Brembo site has a "search by size" option for rotors. Great tool for coming up with custom brake solutions. https://www.bremboparts.com/europe/en/catalogue/size?producttype=Disc&th=28&a=68&issizetolerance=True
  8. Picked this up recently. NOS from Japan. It's likely going to stay in its box in bubble wrap on my shelf for quite a while at the rate my car is being finished.
  9. Zcardepot is doing 10% off their entire store, and silvermine has some items on sale as well.
  10. 1997 Toyota Tacoma booster and master bolt in and the master is 1" if you're simply looking for a bigger master.
  11. He's asking if you're sure your cam is timed properly. In other words, is your camshaft position lined up correctly with your crankshaft position.
  12. How are you going to control this? With the original E30 computer? I've been exploring ABS a bit but haven't found something very tunable other than the expensive Bosch setup.
  13. My thoughts as well. Why make a tubular control arm and not continue the tubes all the way to the pickup point? That plate doesn't look thick enough to me.
  14. What? You can just click the link and look at items. Are you sure you didn't click an ad on the page or something?
  15. I emailed T3 and confirmed with them that they use the standard 5x103 pattern, so that's great news. I also test fit the hubs onto my car over the weekend. With the turbo hubs, they clear the dust shield by over an inch. That means they might get pretty close the the spindle with 5-lug 280Z hubs since they're lower offset, but I think you could play with the adapter thickness to get clearance if necessary. The round part of the spindle is not much smaller than the tone ring, so some clearancing might have to be done to get a sensor in the right spot.
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