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  1. But the better question is where is the best place to get a Toyota
  2. Hey 88beast I'm going through the final stages in starting my SR20DET swap into my 79'. And just be ready for the amount of work that really goes into on of these swaps. Things like the tach, radiator, and intercooler are going to be the very easy compared to the actual swap. And because of the economy a lot of companies are not stocking a lot of parts for the SR's anymore. So there could be a wait to order things in. While the engine is out it would be great time to replace all the pumps and belts and switching out the clutch, turbo and turbo manifold would be a wise idea. And it will be a lot easier to tune if you switched to a stand alone system so you don't have to deal with a bunch of factory sensors. But the only really hard part will but to make custom brackets and get the geometry correct. And than you can plum it, wire it mount the intercooler and fab some tubes (useing plactic pipes and some tape works very well for a mach up) and the stock radiator should work just fine. But I have yet to address this issue, mine is very rusty and my local pull a part had a civic radiator in great shap for 25 bucks and its small enough to get out of the way and still keep the engine cool. But if you start the swap before my let my know how it goes.
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    OMG a Sonny engine VERY NICE
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