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  1. do you tune with a afr gauge as well ?
  2. found the one i need for any one else looking http://www.shoeys.com/docs/Bosch_008.pdf
  3. i want to be able to control ignition using the vr dizzy found this link in my searches http://www.megamanual.com/ms2/GM_7pinHEI.htm explaing useing a 7 pin moduel to my under standing with the match box ignitor i wont be able to control my advance .
  4. Thanks sorry about that .would this be the correct setup ?
  5. Hey how is every one. Im purchasing a wolf 3d ecu soon have a few questions that i cant find answers to on im using the n/a 280zx dizzy ive read i need a ignitor what one exactly do i need ? and how to wire it up? also if any one has a n/a base map id love a copy if possible.will update with how i go and pictures. Thanks from Australia
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