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  1. The coil ended up being bad. Replaced the coil (which was new...so not sure how that happened) and it's solid now. We ended up disconnecting the throttle switch. Runs fine without it. Will rig something to flip the signal after we get everything else dialed in.
  2. Thanks for that soft, I will give it a shot tomorrow. So a little more info - the cas was def an issue. All the gel was melted out. We swapped that and it def idles and starts better than it did. As it is right now, the car idles great, but as soon as you rev under a load, it pops and acts like it doesnt have enough fuel. You can get it up to cruising speeds by giving it very little throttle and working your way up, but it seems if you go WOT or hit the gas more than maybe 10%, it bogs and doesn't accelerate. Currently the throttle switch is off, and at idle and while giving it gas while parked, it seemed to rev fine, but once you put a load on it, thats when it starts to fail.
  3. After some more investigation and tinkering, it seems that maybe it doesnt matter if it's upside down. My CAS is toast. Gonna replace that, then test again and see how we do. I have clean startup and idle, and can drive the car at low rpm/throttle, but once you womp on it, it gets grumpy. Still interested to know if anyone has experience with the AZC TB on an l28et.
  4. So I've spent the last 30 minutes searching here before posting this - hoping someone has done this before. I called and talked to Dave at AZC, his initial response was "Never thought of that before". The issue I have is that I am running the AZC TB on my n42 mani on an l28et. The throttle switch on the AZC TB mounts on the opposite side of stock, and as such, the switch is backwards. My understanding is that for this setup (using JWT z31 ecu and a harness from an 81) my throttle switch is just open or closed. With the switch mounted backwards, open is reading as closed and closed is reading as open. Has anyone flipped their throttle switch or have a suggestion for me?
  5. Found my car. Please close. Looking for a roller 75 or older. Just needs a straight body with good rails and a clean title. Paying $5k or less for decent body/paint condition, or $2k or less if it needs paint and minor body work. PM or email - dcmadruk@hotmail.com
  6. Got mine today, looks great, thanks!!
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