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  1. Interesting points j, what about the effect of reducing drag on the car though. The flat bottom car should produce less drag correct? I think you gain alot more than just downforce by running a flat bottom
  2. very good point about the stiffer springs. Heres the thing though, some one commented that the flat belly wouldnt make much of a difference unless the car was very low, thats not 100% true. I think that statement is a bit too general. My car for example is a 3000GT, It comes with plastic undertray covers, to give it a some what flat floor. I took them off because they were getting old, the difference in stability was very very obvious. From as low as 60mph the front end would wander about, and the car was very susceptible to cross winds. It also felt slower up top. I used to climb to 120 with ease, and cruise at that speed perfectly stable. With the undertrays gone the car felt noticeably more unstable, and felt like it wasn't pulling as hard as it used to. Therefore I think the flat belly will make a difference, even with stock ride height. And will have an even greater effect once the car is lowered. IMHO if you have the cash and time I say go for it.
  3. I know where your going with this and im already a head of you. Ive been thinking about that as well. Thats also why if i go 1UZ im gonna get a 98 model. VTEC in hondas is controlled by a solenoid. If the nissan system works the same way, all you need to know is what pin on the ECU sends the signal to trigger the crossover. Once you know that, all you would need is an RPM signal, then simply a device that will allow you to replicate the crossover signal at a lower RPM. Thing is though im not familiar with nissan's VVT, so im not sure how its triggered but im sure its simular to how honda does it. Im curious though why are you against timing chains? And I agree the intake is very ugly. But thats a minor detail
  4. The belly pan is a good idea. We call them skid plates back home. Basically the idea is to make the underbody as smooth and as flat as possible. If you've ever looked under a 911, it is prefectly flat, even where the engine is. As for the exhaust issue IMHO its not a big deal, You can use heat shield products like a thermal wrap etc. Thermotec sells these. Or you can have the entire exhaust ceramic coated. Plus keeping the heat in the pipes has the added effect of speeding up exhaust flow which will yield more hp! The underbody is a good place to improve aerodynamics but its the one place that is often over looked.
  5. the LS1 is a huge engine and has a proven record plus a huge aftermarket, No one can question its strengths. And yes it looks better than both the 1UZ and VH45de I like the VH because: 1. it will work with the ZX trans which for an all motor VH is really a very strong trans. Plus those trannies are pretty cheap. 2. It has a bit more aftermarket support than the 1UZ, jim wolf makes an aftermarket ECU upgrade for it. 3. Z32 300ZX drivetrain parts work with it. RPS makes a flywheel for the 300ZX, the ZX trannies are very reliable and very easy to source. 4. The stock features: full main griddle bottomend, larger displacement for about the same price, VVT, coil on plug ignition, etc. 5. the bigger displacvement means theoretically it should respond better to modifications. Vids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1RcKhIzKVM&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T41-cjlksyM&feature=related I like the 1UZ: 1. The weight, it is very light for a V8, infact an engine builder joked that he could lift a 1UZ with one hand. 2. Will work with the supra W58 trans, which is also a pretty cheap trans 3. Its a very smooth engine 4. Racing pedigree, the UZ engines are used by toyota in their super GT race cars. 5. High compression engine 6. Looks better than the VH45 installed 7. THE SOUND!!!!!!!! MY GOD! Vids: Advantages to both: 1. CHEAP, 1UZ's sell as cheap as 400.00, the later 1UZs are more expensive, but IMHO the better choice, VH are 800-1000 2. Quad cam DOHC means it can rev high and fast, which will give the car a more exotic feel. 3. both are big bore, short stroke engines, so they will be rev happy. 4. Light weight, all aluminum engines 5. Reliable and very unique 6. Both are from US spec cars so parts will be very easy to source for them. And thankfully the kids havent caught wind of them, so the prices for them are still low. 7. Both in a S30 Chassis is an awesome Idea!!! low weight plus the hp and tq, and a compact engine = very good handling, good weight distribution and FAST. They should both run low 13s all stock, possibly 12s. IMHO doesnt matter what engine you go with both are a very good choice. I like the VH more, because at least on paper it seems like a tougher engine. Plus timing chains are pretty cool, because they will run forever, no need to replace a belt every 60K miles and also they are better at high RPMs than belts. Notice there is a new trend in the car world to go to timing chains for high rpm engines. Honda S2000, Honda's K20, all yamahas, mitsubishi's 4B11T. Which is the "better" engine? I dont know, I havent personally built any of them, so I'm not in the position to call it. From asking my mechanic buddies, both seem to get pretty high ratings. Reliability wise, a friend of mine said he saw a 1UZ come in for service had over 200,000 miles on the clock, just routine maintenace was all it needed. Either way you go you really cant lose.
  6. WOW thats a hell of a deal! Goodluck with the build.
  7. Seconded! Raise the compression up, that will give it the high pitched scream
  8. My personal favorite design I like that pressure qualiser tube concept, and yeah an aftermarket intake looks soo much better than the god awefull stock mani Personally I would go twin T/B, because its simpler
  9. yeah you do have a good point there
  10. ha ha Ive been discovered!! Yup im doing it. LOL Im thinking of going to the bigger VH45DE instead of the 1UZ. The VH seems like an easier swap as the flywheel and trans from a 300ZX will bolt up to it. And at only about 300ish more than the price of a 1UZ I can get 500 more cc's Plus ive been researching both motors, and im liking the VH bottomend more, and there is a bit more aftermarket support for the vh Right now its a toss up between the two. If I can get a 98 1U ill go that route if not ill get the VH, both swaps seem like a win win though
  11. Sorry to hijack the thread but this seems like a good place to post this question, rather than start a new thread. Im a beginner welder, never touched a torch in my life, and I want to teach myself how to weld. What plant would you guys recomend the econoline? How much would you guys recoomend I budget for a welder? Also I want to be able to TIG weld aluminum, and the usual steel.
  12. do it, good idea very good idea, there is someone doing it in a 280. Im gonna do it soon, just researching and getting ready to start buying up parts
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