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  1. Thanks steve Pictures of the under side would be great. If I could also get some pictures of the broken hatch as well that would be awesome. Where in O.C. are you? I'm just outside of D.C. so I guess I would need to borrow a flatbed of some kind.
  2. How is it on rust? I see quite a bit in the pictures. Is it just surface rust or is it in bad shape?
  3. I really want this car but its out of my price range GL on the sale
  4. Satin Black is always bad a$$
  5. I'm looking for a first gen 240, 260, or 280 within driving distance of Washington D.C. Mostly looking for a project so minimal rust and straight body and frame needed. Doesn't need to run.
  6. So I just joined. I'm here doing some research on a potential new Z project and hopefully find a good car for sale. I just finished a two year project on a Miata and i currently drive a 06 MINI Cooper S daily. Now that the Miata is out of the garage i'm itiching to fill the space with something.
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