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  1. marc

    i am in tucson az,can you give me your phone # so we can talk.



  2. hahah man I love Arizona... I was seriously considering laying out in the sun this week to work on my tan lol
  3. whoops just realized my math was off it would be $115.00. oh well you get the point
  4. and plus I didn't feel like digging sand out of my ears, hair, mouth, and butt crack. Good luck with your sand blasting though
  5. $125.00. I've sandblasted before and to be quite honest I was glad to pay $65.00. those things were caked in grime
  6. well I guess I don't know how to post a picture right... I guess you'll have to click the link. Thanks! I think they came out awesome.. Just hope I didn't pay too much
  7. Thought I'd share with the z community because my friends and family don't really care.. lol total was $180.00
  8. How about if I connect them and go without the crossmember to allow more room for exhaust? think that would work
  9. Ok I bought this set up from a member but I have some concerns. I was thinking that these two pieces needed to be connected, which can be easily done. I have a high 400 hp and torque sbc 383 that will be powering my z, so I want this thing to be sturdy enough to last a while. My questions are: These mounts block the rear crossmember, would it be ok to run without the crossmember especially if the mounts are left dual mount setup? What would be the best for this setup? Connect the mounts with some steel plate and modify the rear crossmember? Or would I be ok with leaving it how it is? Thanks for your time
  10. Free? lol that's what I got mine for. I'd say $1000, looks like you got yourself a nice project and some rust to be patching
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