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  1. So I cleaned the IAC and still nothing....car has a hesitation when giving it the throttle. Only at idle once its up in the rpms a little its fine .also when its at idle and you give it the throttle it sounds like the intake makes a odd sucking noise. the hesitation is just for a second or two the will rev like normal thru the higher rpms
  2. I did away with a few things and added a few hope the pic is clear enough to see mostly what I've done.. . Since the pic I added a fpr....due to my plugs showing really lean. I took it down the road feels sluggish and like I hit a wall at 4k plus I have the idle problem....checked for codes and shows 55 all is OK. I'll check the IAC motor pintle.
  3. I swapped a rb20det in my 1982 Datsun 280zx. Starts drives just has an idle issue. It will idle at a thousand rpms for 20 sec or so then it will drop down and wanna die sometimes it does. If it doesn't it will after 10 to 15 seconds it will kick back up and just start all over again any help would be awsome
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