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  1. Looking forward to seeing fitment pics and design. Thinking about going the full kit route as soon as I can get it running.
  2. jeff81

    Just Dashes Company

    They did mine. You can see the results. It seems like a new one would feel. Expensive but the results were great, I think.
  3. jeff81


    Progress on the Build
  4. Well, it has been a long time to post updates. The progress is very slow due to having gone back to school again. I will update everything in more detail when I get more time. I do need some help with 2 things: 1. How to reinforce front quarter panels? 2. Where to source inner front quarter panels? This care will be driven often, so need to prep it for all weather. 3. How is the best way to size up tires? Below is an attached recent update to interior. I had a good experience with the refinishing of the dash. It looks like it was worth the money to send it out. I just hope it holds up well.
  5. I got them at the pull-a-part. They do not fit the AZC brake package I am using.
  6. Things are progressing slowly. I have most of bodywork finished. I am then going to get the drive train finalized and set the ride height. Hopefully I after I get those established I will be able to make a decision on rims and tires. I have been getting some planning done for what exactly to do to the interior. I am still wondering if I am going with smoked headlight covers? Any opinions?
  7. Hey I'm trying to finish reassembly and having problems locating a few parts. I need the inner door rods that connect the exterior door handle to the opening mechanism in the door. It the bent rod that hangs off the tab on the door handle. Below is a picture, it's the rod hanging off of #3 in the pic. If anyone knows of someone that has these, I am looking for both sides, please let me know. Jeff
  8. jeff81

    Rear Glass

    Thanks for the help. I found one. I hope it shows up in relatively good condition. Jeff
  9. Hey It seems that the rivets to install the rear lights are not in production. I am looking for the rivets that are mounted from body into the black panels that hold the rear lights. Does anyone know of where to get them or if there is a good alternative to using those rivets? Thanks Jeff
  10. jeff81

    Rear Glass

    Hey I need the rear glass for my 1977.5 280z project. Please message me if you have one in good shape. Thanks Jeff
  11. Body work is going along finally. I have problems now that the company that I was going to send my aluminum suspension parts to get hard anodized is no longer in business so I need to find a new place to get that done. Any suggestions? I also need to find a drip rail in good condition. Any suggestions? I am going to order a lot of the weather stripping and random parts this week to have sent. They should have the fenders and hood finished within 2 weeks. Hope that I can find the few missing parts and then will be begin the long slow fully assembly. I may have to learn a lot about wiring soon.... Hope things continue without too many more problems/oversights. Jeff
  12. Bodyshop Jail... My car is actually progressing again. It may hit a speed bump on the wiring, but the rest is progressing slowly. The body shop is telling me they can't cut the fenders, but I need the clearance for tires. I already cut the back end, so I'm unsure on how best to handle this. Here are some updates and progress pics. Any suggestions... I'm also waiting for Justin to send me fender flares. Just need to work out these issues then on to assembly with rims and tires being the last of the real questions. Jeff
  13. My car is stuck in the body shop. I was informed of how bad of shape my replacement fenders are in currently. It may be cheaper to just find good replacements than have them try to repair my replacement fenders. I have 1977.5 280Z. I was wondering if there is a good source for front fenders? Any suggestions please. Jeff
  14. It's off to the body shop. It is having pretty much having everything done. The guy that is doing it is really good. He is going to do delete the sunroof by changing roof skins. It will take awhile, but here is one of the last pics before it was sent. While at the body shop, the aluminum suspension pieces will be sent out to be hard anodized. The other parts will be sent to be to powder coated. The decided upon color is dark blue (very dark). It is nice that such a long project is finally going forward. Need to still get the rims addressed. I need to measure, pick out some that will work, and hope for no problems. I sent the front and rear bumpers to be chromed. (Man, that was not cheap) Since I have family in Nashville, they delivered them to Advance Plating. I'll get picks of the rims and other components when I am able to do so. I still have a long way to go. I have to deal with all the electrical work and then the interior. The current shop, will do most of the lines (brake, fuel, etc..), which will hopefully go smoothly. Jeff
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