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  1. GeeZ

    WTB: Stock T56 Shifter

    Thanks, but I found one already.
  2. GeeZ

    WTB: Stock T56 Shifter

    Want to buy a stock T56 shifter.
  3. GeeZ

    WTB P90 Head

    Yes. I'll pay shipping. Since you are a new member, I will require you send it for inspection prior to payment.
  4. GeeZ

    WTB P90 Head

    Looking for P90 head. Ship to zip code 77379 TIA
  5. GeeZ

    P90 head

    WTB P90 head in good condition.
  6. WTB: OEM Console for early 260Z Thanks.
  7. GeeZ


    Anyone have experience with these folks? They're in Canada. Thinking about ordering door panels from them. Cheaper than anybody for new reproduction door panels. http://www.new-datsun-parts.com/datsun-240Z-parts-doors.html Thanks.
  8. GeeZ

    New Rocker arms on Ebay

    Can someone post the part number for the Nissan rockers so I can prove to myself that they are NLA. Thanks in advance.
  9. Northern Auto Parts is selling new rockers for $9.89 each. MSA $400 for 12.
  10. GeeZ

    What mirrors are these?

    They are nice. I'm interested too. I think these are OEM for some car. Honda S2000?
  11. We are moving our shop and cleaning our parts bin. Free for anyone in the Houston, Tx area. Trans seem to work. Some of the R200 (none are LSD) will turn from the input shaft. Come by: PowerFab Automotive 6100 Louetta Rd Spring, Tx 77379
  12. GeeZ

    Ls to 300zx Z32 trasmission

    Yea, why. Just put a T56 behind it. You can't be doing it for "purity" reasons, as you already have a LS in it. Just an academic question?
  13. GeeZ

    Question about aftermarket support

    Wow, 25 with 2 kids and 1 on the way. Didn't waste anytime. Enjoy!
  14. Nice work. Did you completely rewire car?
  15. GeeZ

    Modest L28et build turbo choice.

    Used a used Holset (don't remember the model) from a Dodge Cummins with stock 280ZX manifold. Also P90a head and F54 block with forged pistons and Schneider cam. Put out 425 hp at the wheels. What a ride. The block was originally built by Turbo Tom Wyatt, III. in 1996.