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  1. I was changing the headlights in my 78 280Z tonight and I managed to snap 3 of the 4 bolts that hold the headlight in (the ones with the flat head). Can someone please tell me the size, length, and pitch of these bolts so I can buy replacements? I also need to get the remaining bolts out. I am thinking pliers, because they protrude on the other side, but would a small easy-out be a better idea? Thanks!
  2. People keep telling me that, but that's the weight I pulled off the NASCAR scales at New Hampshire Motor Speedway at one of my track events last year. The same scale gives me an accurate weight on my CTS-V, too.
  3. 2250 lbs. 78 280Z with full interior, race header, no bumpers. TTT coilovers and assorted suspension gear, 15-inch Rota wheels.
  4. I just put a set of Rota Grid wheels on my 78 280Z, and they aren't snug on the hub. They fit fine - 4 x 114.3 15 inch wheels. Does it matter? Do I need some kind of hubcentric spacer to make them snug? Car will see regular track time.
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