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  1. I'm trying to make my 83 z look much better in the front I absolutely dislike the front of it and really like the way the '78s look with the front grill. Is the front clips interchangeable? Or what are some ways I can make the front of my car look "meaner" thanks oh and body kits are something I'm interested in as well
  2. Hi I recently bought a '83 Datsun 280z coupe, I like the car but not happy with the performance on it I've read many forums but none have seen to really explain what they've bought. I'm having trouble finding parts. I'd live to put a camshaft (nothing too radical), an exhaust (2.5" or 3" not sure what's better for non-turbo) better fuel system, gearing in the rear, and ignition. I have not been able to locate any after market parts and I need help with this. Also how does coil overs do with this car and who sells them? Thanks guys any help would be appreciated!
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