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  1. Kevkev5162

    The new Orleans blue dog build

    ill snap a few pics of the engine bay tmrw after work
  2. Kevkev5162

    The new Orleans blue dog build

    Soooo, alot has gotten done but it seems like for every thing i get done a new problem pops up. Everything is assembled at this point, for now. while installing the exhaust manifold i managed to crack it and afterwards realized its a round port manifold on a p90 head, i bought one from a member here and i have it but havent put it on yet because i want to avoid unnecessary assembly/ reassembly. after researching the manifold issue i found out i have a p90 head on a block with stock dished pistons (bought a scope and looked through the plug hole) dropping my cr and I already have bought the intake and holley setup so im not going to switch to a turbo build this far along and i dont want to shave the p90 so that leaves the option of finding a n42 head to match the exhaust manifold i have. is there a stock cam that would work better than one that comes in the n42? the car starts right up, idles ok and runs decent but theres definitely alot of room for improvement in the power its producing, anyway, just a quick update, rims and tires that are going to be ran for a while are on, the carb still needs to be tuned, thinking about buying a gunson color tune, any advice on them? seems like it should be adequate to get it close enough until I bring it to a shop once everythings installed completely for tuning. i guess the next step is to find someone wanting to do a turbo build that will trade me a n42 w a cam for my p90
  3. Kevkev5162

    N42 head feeler, trade for my p90

    It's running, late night last night, got everything put back together, meant probably a few weeks of driving it to address any other issues that come up and make a plan for the head during that time
  4. Kevkev5162

    N42 head feeler, trade for my p90

    sorry madkaw, want to start w n42 and go from there, seems the best way to do it 1 step at a time, switch to n42 then plan for bottom end rebuild and switch to flat tops
  5. Kevkev5162

    N42 head feeler, trade for my p90

    Early or later e88?
  6. Kevkev5162

    N42 head feeler, trade for my p90

    Have a p90 head mounted on my n42 block, have Holley na set up so turbo isn't a feasible option, looking around for n42 head, willing to trade my p90 for it and cash one way or the other depending on what you have
  7. Kevkev5162

    Blue dog setbacks, now the head, need pointers

    I am going to do another comp test now that the motor runs. What type of scope would I use to check for the type of pistons? Is there a way to look through spark plug hole or measure through?
  8. Kevkev5162

    Blue dog setbacks, now the head, need pointers

    That could work out, I didn't want to keep putting out more $ at this point without some miles on the car. I did come across a n42 head on eBay with e88 cam, they want 400 shipped tho, what would the benefit of the e88 cam on that head do? Is your n42 stock?
  9. Kevkev5162

    Blue dog setbacks, now the head, need pointers

    Sorry, Internet's down, on my phone
  10. Kevkev5162

    Blue dog setbacks, now the head, need pointers

    This is osted in u build thread, done before alot of pars got ordered so car wasnt runing: Today's project after a 10 hr work day: drain oil, run a cpl quarts through to try to flush out gasoline. I borrowed a compression tester and did a check. The car is not running so the test will come back 10-15psi lower than operating temp from what I've read, also traces of gas in oil I think may make it lower as well. My results came back as follows: cyl 1: 155, cyl2:140, cyl3:140, cyl4:150 cyl 5:130 cyl6:150.
  11. So I dove in, spent over 1000 so far in parts with out doing all my homework first. After looking for a replacement exhaust manifold discovered that I have a n42 block with p90 head. Everyone seems to want them for turbo builds but having just put a Holley 390 and Bob sharp intake and a turbo is not the way I want to go. I'm under the impression that unless the pi put flat top pistons my cr is gonna be 7.4. After alot of work I don't want to end up w a car that is less powerful than stock. So there's a few options, shave head, flat tops etc. I'm not ready for a top or bottom end overhaul right now. Is the logical solution to find someone that wants to trade a n42 w possibly some work done to it?there's one on eBay for 350 w spray bar? Is this fair? Wat should a p90 sell for, car has been running, idling, revved but not driven yet so p90 seems in good working order, thanks for any ideas all
  12. Kevkev5162

    stock 280Z fuel pump for triple mikuni setup

    For a definite answer: an eBay seller sent me a siezed leaky Holley red pump so I put my OEM pump back in to test the Holley and see if it would run, I regulated it down to 7 psi and ran the return into a 5 gal gas can, it worked but bypassed enough to fill the gas can up 2/3 of the way in less than 10min. I wouldn't want to take the chance w that much pressure and that much flow having a reg go bad or return line get obstructed
  13. Kevkev5162

    Wtb exhaust manifold

    N47 square port w out any studs snapped off? If so I'll Paypal on Thursday at noon. Where's it coming from? Not light, not gonna b cheap, someone on eBay had one listed w 30 for shipping, hopefully we can find a shipping option the same or less
  14. I have an n47 exhaust manifold on my 78. It's got a big crack across it so I'm looking for a replacement. I'm not using the egr port, any idea which stamped codesbolt up and have the same distance to the bottom exhaust flange, pattern etc?
  15. Kevkev5162

    Various 280Z parts

    Do you have an exhaust manifold? If so what's the stamp on it, looking for n47 to match my cracked one?