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  1. Has heater core been pressure checked?
  2. hcarrickz3

    280z dash rebuild new idea

    Anyone tried the Polyvance flexible dash repair kit?
  3. hcarrickz3

    Mfactory R200 LSD

    I bought 3 of the MFactory LSD it was a pleasure doing business with exlifesaver. He was quick to respond with any questions you might have, once payment request was sent the LSD was in your hands in 3 days. Idont see what the problem is. was.
  4. hcarrickz3

    Lets see your V8 in your Z.

    Here are some updated pic of my 77 280Z.
  5. hcarrickz3

    Mfactory R200 LSD

    Thanks to all involved in making these LSD available. This made it possible and affordable for me to put the LSD in both of my Z cars
  6. hcarrickz3

    Mfactory R200 LSD

    Got the M Factory LSD installed one down and one to go. New Bearings & seals No Problems,
  7. hcarrickz3

    Mfactory R200 LSD

    What kind of gear oil does M Factory recommend using for this LSD?
  8. hcarrickz3

    Mfactory R200 LSD

    Recieved both LSD,s thursday, exlifesaver Thanks again for putting this together
  9. hcarrickz3

    Mfactory R200 LSD

    who do we need to send payment to. I want to be added to the list. email add. is hecjr03@yahoo.com
  10. hcarrickz3

    Pictures of type 1 air dam on 280z?

    Here is the Type 1 air dam from MSA with a splitter from Skillard front lip will hold 250 lbs.
  11. hcarrickz3

    Splitter materials

    Here is one made from 1/8 in. aluminum made by Skillard.
  12. hcarrickz3

    LT1 or LS1 (not a debate guys)

    I was in the same boat you are in, looking to do a swap for less than 6000. including the price of a 1977 280Z. Picked up a wrecked 1994 Z28 with 79000 miles, with the 4L60e transmission for $1.500.00. Went with the JC V-8 Conv. Kit. 800.00. used the exhaust piping from the Z28, making a 3" single exit tail pipe with a Thrush Turbo muffler. I have put about 7000 miles on it this past year.
  13. hcarrickz3

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    Our Z cars look a lot alike
  14. hcarrickz3

    wtb old 240-280z radios not working

    Here are the pics of the radio came out of a 1977 280Z.
  15. hcarrickz3

    wtb old 240-280z radios not working

    I have one will post pic tomorrow What are you paying for them?