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  1. Sexy. How much did the guy charge you for the fab/installation work?
  2. Thanks Comrade Charlie I thought it was 71 and older that didn't need to be smogged. Blue72 thanks for the info. I should of done some research before asking. I've learned a lot about cats and mufflers in the few minutes on howstuffworks.com Would anyone like to recommend where and what cats/mufflers to get? I see some stock v8 exhausts for sale on craigslist, and on ebay i'm finding decent priced magnaflow cats. I've never bought an exhaust system before. :/
  3. I'm considering trading my car for a 1981 280zx turbo but the car only has a down pipe. I want it to pass emission's and not have a reason to get pulled over. My questions are: what do i need? A cat and a muffler? Where can i get decent ones on the cheap and doesn't sound like crap? I'm leaning more towards lower price than performance right now since I'm in a rush to take this car before anyone else wants it and I don't have much money. I checked the pick-aparts and they cut off every cat on every car? any help would be greatly appreciated!
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