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  1. I had found an engineering drawing of the recommended Bosch injector mounting, pressure side was 13.5 mm (0.531"), manifold side was 14 mm (0.551"). I bought a couple of straight reamers to finish the holes cleanly, drill them as 1/2", then finish to exact size. Can't find the drawing or link now dammit, seems like it was on the Motec site. Carter
  2. A common solution is to engineer a tiny bit of play ( 0.020 - 0.050 ") into the linkage between the master and each individual throttle. That way, at idle, the individual adjustment screw controls that runner, allowing very fine adjustment. As the go-pedal is pushed, the master takes up the slack, and then controls all of them. Ideally, the play is equal for all, so that off-idle synch can be performed. But at WOT, they are all open fully against the stop anyway, and so any play becomes moot. Carter
  3. Oops, almost forgot, if you use the AD595, remember the output is 10mV/degree C, not F. Also, look at McMaster-Carr for thermocouples. Carter
  4. Hello Derek, long time lurker, first time poster here. Great project. If you need to do multi-channel data capture, and you have a laptop, it's hard to beat this for $25: http://www.dataq.com/194.htm The Chart Recorder data playback looks like an oscilloscope, but you have full control. And it will capture as much data as you have disk space to hold. Carter Shore
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