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  1. OK I have a f54 with a p90 and a 1978 stock n/a harness with distributor, the car runs but when I punch the gas pedal the car takes a while or in other words hesitates and then goes!!!! if you ask me it take a while to go and if I'm in first gear on a dead stop i cant really punch it and go , I thought it was a timing issue so i looked at my distributor and notice that the vacuum controller on the distributor did not have the vacuum line hooked up , I don't know where it hooks up to , I have the FSM and couldn't find anything , also looked in the search key in hybridz but nothing .... please let me know where the vacuum controller is supposed to be hooked up to thanks. also how do I post videos and pictures , I would like to know so that I can upload videos and picture so that I can explain my self more and be much easier to get help, thanks
  2. I need a T3 turbo for my L28et ,I would like a water & oil cooled one out of a 300zx .I need in very good condition n ,local sellers would be awesome ,I am orlando florida , spending limit for me $125 you can text me for quicker response 321 356 0874
  3. I live in Orlando , by the way If anyone has a t3 turbo for sale let me know , I'm looking for a 300zx one
  4. ok im putting my new turbo on my car , and i dont know how to run water lines to the turbo , please pictures would be awsome
  5. looking to spend $60 , i just saw 2 set got for $60 each , unless they guarantee the injectors
  6. i need some good stock turbo injectors , you can text me 321 356 0874 shipped to 32703 florida
  7. Yup ! I can't wait hopefully that will fix my problem . Wish me luck
  8. yea i know but its hard when the car is your daily driver and you have been with out a car for 1 month now and parents nagging on it .. I even got threatened that the car was going to be sold
  9. OK thanks Paul , I'm going to check my with my buddy 1978 280z if my ecu works on his car to determine if the one i got is bad
  10. Ok today jsm came over and we did lots of test , we concluded that my ecu might be bad , is there any way to check if it's bad ? If not how can I convert a 1977 harness to work on my 1978 , remember the in dash plug on a 1978 is a fourplug and a 1977 is a five plug .
  11. Hey Paul I got a question can you call me 321 356 0874 or text , thanks
  12. yes my fusable links on my positive battery side are bad , only oone works and the other is burned , maybe that is why im not getting power in pin #10 , how can i fix that ? , i forgot where is the link to fix those old fuses
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