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  1. congrats on the sale ktm! let me know if the deal falls thru. i would still be interested!
  2. I am definitely interested in this car and auction! glad i checked on here to see if it was posted! going to look thru some of your topics and hope its inside my price range!
  3. Bump! feeling like spring up here in Calgary. still looking for a ls s30!
  4. After buying my house I am back on the lookout for a quality car with a ls/2jz around 20k that is worth bringing up to Canada. or if any cars are for sale anywhere in Canada i would be very interested in as well because of how bad the exchange rate is. please feel free to message me on here or email me photos and info at brandfordbryce@gmail.com!
  5. around 20-25 usd for the right car. have been keeping my eye out for a while but havent found it yet
  6. bump! still trying to find the right car
  7. could you send me some more info at the email above or in a pm would be interested in what you have!
  8. Bump got money burning a hole in my pocket!
  9. hey all im looking for any year s30 but would prefer a 240. I am wanting one with a modern manual swap(ls,rb26,2jz). i am located in Canada so if there is one for sale up north would be a bonus but am willing to travel pretty far into the states if the seller is willing to work with a buyer from a canada. i would like a mostly complete car mechanically and would be willing to do some paintwork on it. i have a budget of around 20-25k us but seeing as how crap the Canadian doller is right now would prefer to keep it on the lower end but am willing to spend for the right car. please post on here
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