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  1. jz 90

    74 260z ly6 tr6060 swap

    Thanks for the thumbs up. Yea I have been on the fence for quite a while on letting it go and have turned away a couple sales as well. I realize now that with a family of 4 we won't be able to enjoy the car together so i have to make the decision to clear the way for a more family appropriate build. With that said I am open to offers for the car as a roller as the drivetrain would work nicely in the next project to be.
  2. jz 90

    74 260z ly6 tr6060 swap

    Have really enjoyed building this car and getting it to where it is, however I don't feel I will have the time or energy to take it where i want it to go. Car is currently running and driving very well but still a ways from the road course car I had in mind when I began. I drive the car on nice days here and there and have put 660 trouble free miles on since it was streetable . Still a lot of little things to do to consider it done as if a project ever is but That is up for interpretation depending on your end goal. Here is a basic list of what is included: -09 ly6 6.0/ tr6060 6 speed -new EFI conversion harness from PSI -ls3 intake c6 corvette baffled oil pan -brian tooley ls3 stg2 cam kit with .660 springs new pushrods/ ls7 lifters -hp tuners with wideband 02 -Speedhut gps speedo and tach -fuel cell and rear mount battery -cx racing kit with lt headers, exhaust and engine and trans mounts -aluminum radiator w/elec fans -new floor pans from zed findings -1x3 steel subframe connectors -T3 adjustable coilovers with koni adjustable shocks on all 4 corners -T3 r200 shortnose rearend conversion from z32 300zx with disk brakes and adjustable camber -T3 adjustable rear control arms for adjustable toe, camber, and track width -T3 bolt in camber plates up front -T3 aluminum front hubs with 5 lug conversion - Willwood big brake kit up front -New Willwood clutch master cyl -new tilton 1 inch brake master cylinder -wheels and tires are new with about 600 miles -ZX fender flares -zenon urethane front air dam -custom built front grill -new carpet kit -new rubber seal kit maybe a few things I am forgetting but that about covers it. Since I have to start with a number I will go with 17,500 which is what the parts list adds up to. Car is currently bare metal and has been for over a year with the help of a little gibbs from time to time. I liked the look and couldn't bring myself to get it epoxy primed but would probably be the step to take if someone didn't want to keep up on the finish. I am more than happy to answer any and all questions as I am sure anyone interested will have plenty. I expect to spend plenty of time on the phone with any prospective buyer trying to make sure you know exactly what you are buying and would also highly encourage anyone who can to come take a test drive and see it in person. having issue posting pics at the moment, for the time being i can text photos if you pm me your number. I will work on getting the pics uploaded to the add asap
  3. jz 90

    wanted 97-01 q45 diff 3.69

    have the t3 r200 swap in my 260 currently running a na z32 4.08. looking to hopefully put more power to the ground and much less shifting. looking for a 97-01 q45 vlsd with 3.69 ratio. Let me know if you have one to part with and what you would like for it. My car thanks you
  4. jz 90

    WTB s30 with engine swap.

    forgot to add brian tooley racing ls3 stage 2 cam with new lifters and pushrods, vvt delete cover, c6 corvette oilpan for max clearance, new aluminum radiator and fans wired up, urethane front air dam not installed. ZG fender flares installed but rear quarters not yet rewarded probably some things i am forgetting but you get the idea. this is still a project but a good deal for someone looking for just that.
  5. jz 90

    WTB s30 with engine swap.

    have a 74 260 ly6 tr6060. cx engine and trans mount, cx headers and y pipe, psi harness, t3 coilovers and camber plates all around, t3 r200 300zx rear end conversion with disk brakes, wildwood big brake kit up front, fuel cell. new zed findings floor pans, upgraded subframe connectors, wheels have not been bought runs but still needs a tune, still a ways from drivable. Don't want to sell but life is very busy these days and i would entertain letting it go for 14k. lots of money invested in new quality parts and labor.
  6. I am currently working on fitment of the transmission and exhaust on basically the exact same setup. Thanks by the way for all the good info this build has provided. I am wondering if you ended up having to clearance the trans tunnel bracing to get proper driveshaft angles or if you were able to leave it alone. It seems how my situation is looking right now that in order to get the tranny even close to hitting that bracing it would put the CX tranny bracket at a weird uphill angle to the back.. I would like to get it up as high as possible because the way it is I am pretty disappointed with how low the exhaust hangs down. I feel this could be mostly resolved by getting the tranny as high as possible. Just wanted to see if you had any insight or advice since you have been up and running for a while. Thanks. ps this is also a tr6060 just to clarify
  7. jz 90

    76 280Z Part Out everything must go!

    would you be interested in cutting out and selling the passenger a pillar and driver sail panel. from what I can see your sail doesn't seem to be rusty where I need it and the a pillar on mine is bad where the drip rail ends if yours happens to be good. Thanks
  8. Thanks to everyone who contributes to the wealth of info here. I ended up going with the CX kit also minus the muffler. seems like the best option out there that I can find... Looking foreward to getting this stuff along with with the mountain of parts just ordered to get this project started. Unfortunately the first order of business is replacing floor pans and doing some other rust repair but the shiny parts laying around should be motivation to get that done...
  9. Interested to know how the CX kit as a whole performs? Are the headers big enough for the ly6? I also have an ly6/tr6060 setup about to go into a 72 240. It seems like a nice complete package if it is a good performer with decent fit and finish. if anyone has installed and used this kit I would like to know if it is worth buying over all others value for dollar. Any other input is appreciated. Thank you