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  1. Yeah baby!!! 45cc?!?! V2 is looking mega so far! Obviously no boost on this one. Rough time frame before this head gets installed? I understand the work required, just don't know how much of "real" work you have on your plate. I just want to see GoPro footage from on the road
  2. If I end up with one of these babies I'll let PMC have a fiddle I think. Sounds like fun. Keep up the amazing work Derek!!!
  3. God Derek stop forcing my hand!!!! You're making me have really bad thoughts about spending LOTS of money!!!
  4. Glad to hear it's all still going well!!! Quick question for those playing at home, as I can't remember if it's been covered. Since it's all based on Honda tech, do the cams etc spin opposite to normal L Series, and if so will it cause issues? Somewhere in my brain it's telling me that Hondas spin different. Sorry for my ignorance, never played with anything but L series 6 cyl motors. That, and it's 0214 AM here..... P.S. Loooooovvvvvveeeeeee the Speedhut gauges! Adam
  5. Looking the goods Derek! Cannot wait to see V2 milled and cleaned up!!!
  6. Fantastic to hear mate!!! Cannot wait for videos. I'm happy to say great isn't exploded all down the road either!!
  7. What's the run time at now? And I like to think AC/DC got it right in singing Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution!!! This is rock and roll baby! Keep going Derek!!
  8. Now that, THAT is a beautiful sight Derek. ITB's look so at home there. Looks perfect to me. And thanks for the L20A advice Tony
  9. Hood clears no problem. The gyrations I have to go through to get the valve cover on qualify as performance art. It just clears the hood latch bracket. I think most of the problem is with the oil supply plate that I added. It won't be on the production heads so I hope it won't be an issue going forward. Yes I know the wiring is a mess. It's on the list:) It clears the hood, but will the ITB's sneak in there? looks like it'll go close. I'm sure you already know the answer to this
  10. Derek will this head support a L20 6cyl bottom end, or is it way to much head for that capacity. Just curious as only L28 and greater is mentioned. I realise high rpm will be required to make it work, just spit balling some ideas about sneaking into U2L class racing hehe
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