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  1. Here is a useful thread from a site i have belonged to for quite a few years now: http://www.subaru-svx.net/forum/showthread.php?t=35610 I have both an SVX with the EG33 in it and a 73 240Z which is why I am reading stuff from this site. I hope this little bit of info can be useful to someone on here. I can provide more info and other links on this subject if needed. Have a nice weekend all.
  2. This is interesting info for sure. I have a pair of EG33 motors that are currently being built with twin turbos. The problem I have been struggling with is that I keep blowing up stock drivetrains in my SVX (on a rather stock build). I have the T-5 from my 82 turbo in my 73' 240 which could make my SVX rear drive if what you suggest is true. Thanks for the idea.
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