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  1. Wow you guys have thought about this a lot more than me for some time! I hate to regret that for the moment this project is on the shelf...the way back shelf with mouse turds and dead june bugs on it.The only comfort i can offer is that it is not being sold.I may be getting back to it once im done with my landcruiser but that will be a while. That said i appreciate all comments and i take all suggestions seriously.When i get back to it there will be some alterations made and the car WILL look amazing,however aside from changes to the rear im afraid major alterations wont happen.Not only is it more or less what im looking for (and you would appreciate the curves more in person too) but some of you may not realize that seemingly small changes can equate to 50-60 or more hours of work,just to alter a few small lines! I promise to update when things start to happen but i have a new (old) love at the moment and im not turning back on it.hopefully you all will still be here when that happens
  2. Then all you will need is some sunglasses and blond highlights to go with it
  3. Might as well paint the jambs while your at it
  4. "OTM's OTC-TIG"...nice looks pretty friggin sweet.How much ??
  5. G.I.jonas


    Sounds like it was a sock tucker to deal with!
  6. Oh i agree that they have uses and i have used them many times,however there came a time in my life when i no longer needed to weld cracked rusty dumpsters and tractor wheels back together:mrgreen:
  7. Perhaps if it wasn't a stick welder!
  8. Honestly my best results come from thinning by eye,i can tell by how many bubbles are made by letting it run off the mixing stick! I thin it quite a bit as the stuff is quite thick,probably about 2:1 at least in my gun.
  9. Try running a buffer over it,it will look like day one! Perhaps to an extent that no one will ever really realize.Done properly I.E. primed well and given a couple good coats of finish this wont be a problem. No,if you do that and buff it it will be gloss!! That is the biggest problem with flat paint:if you dont get it right after spraying then you are screwed since you cant buff it without losing the flatness.On a small scale what makes flat flat is the fact that it is slightly textured,if you flatten it out you have defeated the purpose. And just remember,Rustoleum is an alkyd enamel,essentially what cars were painted with back in the day - only probably better.Do it and do it right,you will be happy in the end and you wont have to pay a body shop like $6000 for something thats in the end worth about $100 more in actual function.And no im not just talking out my rear,i used to be a body guy who spent days applying PPG worth hundreds per gallon,and now im here telling you to go to the hardware store for paint lol.
  10. I have done this many times.Rustoleum is excellent for painting cars if done right,and its quite easy.You can use acetone or lacquer thinner,i prefer lacquer thinner myself as it flows out before drying where acetone will flash much faster.Seeing as you are in socal i would use lacquer thinner,however in attempt to get a good flat look acetone may suit you better.One thing i will say with confidence is DONT use mineral spirits!!,yes it reduces the paint well but you will be waiting weeks for it to dry giving lots of time for dust, bugs and whatnot to get in there,as opposed to like a few hours or overnight at the worst.
  11. Good luck with it!,i can help for as far as i got,but beyond that you are on your own.
  12. G.I.jonas


    Offensive vulgarity is sweet! just my .02
  13. This statement may stir some debate / flaming here! I'm not sure why you think the rb is going to inherently be more expensive than the 2jz done right,nor is it inherently better.Better is a relative thing and is kind of a word thats frowned upon by the hybrid community,what is best is whats best to you,i personally would have the toyota in my car long before i would ever even look at an rb,but thats just me. Anywho,your title is crap as well but welcome to the forum!
  14. $600 should just about cover gas money for a few hours.
  15. Things like this should be stickyed,or at least included in another one,ideally all of hybridz will eventually be one enormous sticky
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