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  1. so the rear tailight from the 280z is not interchangeable with the tailight from the 240z??? I mean without mayor fab??? what is the difference??? the mounting hardware/brackets???
  2. Anything else??? I am just trying to figure out if I am better off with the improvements of the 280z. How much more weight does a 280z with the front and rear bumper removed weight versus a 240z??? I would imagine that a 280z with a stroked engine (3.1) would compensate for the additional weight of the 280z.
  3. ok, i have read all of you opinion about the two cars, and I am wondering, if I take a 280z and replace the front and rear bumpers with 240 thing chrome bumpers, and stroke the engine to 3.1 and replace all the EFI stuff with dual/triple carbs and remove any unnecessary interior features (or make the interior look like a 240z), will this setup feel like a clean 240z??? The reason i asked is becasue I think I can find much more easily a 280Z in beeter condition than a 240z (I mean rust wise), and I can find a 280Z with a five speed transmission which a lot of people with the 240z swith to. so, my question is will a modified (as above) 280z feel as sporty as a 240z??? thanks