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  1. Thanks, I'd appreciate that. I'm trying to decide which way to go. I like the factory look, but worried about the price. The post from 3 years ago said $500.00......that's do-able. I'm just worried how much he's gone up since then.
  2. Has anyone had this done lately? Was wondering about a current price since this post is 3 years old. Thanks, Chris
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  4. I knew you'd get a kick out of my age crack:ass:....wait, not that kind of crack! I really had no idea how old you were. I'm 37, but new to s30's. I've done a few sbc engine swaps in other body styles, but the Z is by far my favorite. As far as the "HybridZ material in every sense," I'm a little strange myself.....I put a sbc in a '77, but in some aspects (interior, console, etc.) I like a clean factory look....wierd ! I'll sign off this way.....you know this one? alpha-mike-foxtrot
  5. Hey Daeron, I thought you were just saying that you're old ....LOL.
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    dual exhaust pics

    I have a 2 1/2" Flowmaster (2 in 2 out) that turns down in front of the rear crossmember. The muffler is barely lower than the frame rail, so clearance is great. It's pretty loud inside the car though, but it's NOT my daily driver.
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    Diode Question

    The fan is the only accessory on this circuit....good point though, not sure I would have thought of that! Without meaning to, you also answered my next question. You let me know that I don't need a diode in this case, so I was trying to think of when I Would need to use diodes. If I had another accessory on this circuit that I wanted to be acitviated only by the thermo switch (or only by the toggle switch), I could see where a diode would allow this. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Teekass

    Diode Question

    I'm installing an electric fan, and want to be able to manually turn on the fan (via a toggle switch) in addition to the thermo switch that comes with it. My question is do I need to put diodes between the switches and the fan in the event that both switches are on at the same time? Thank alot, Chris
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  13. Very Nice! Did you use a pre-made frame rail kit (Competition Engineering, etc.) or custom made? I've been looking at the Competition Engineering ones.....
  14. Teekass

    Fusible Link Upgrade Idea?

    I used a Stinger Maxi-Fuse block. http://www.cardomain.com/item/STISFPD4MAXPT It also made it easy to get current for the relay circuit breakers.