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  1. Update: I have solved my issue with the Flywheel. According to Collins Performance Tech. all I have to do is stack a 350z flywheel over the VK56 flexplate, and of course use a 350z clutch. The flexplate obviously lines up with the starter like it should but the benefit is it provides a bit of a spacer for the flywheel. Seems to make since to me. I'll obvious be test fitting it before installing everything in the car. Huge thanks to Brett over at Collins Performance Technologies! This guy emailed me back about my question in a matter of minutes!
  2. Hey Guys, First off Big fan of the forum and all the awesome projects everyone does on here. I've been a long time reader but figured with my recent swap about to start up I should finally make an account. I hoping to get some advice on my Vk56 in z32 swap as well as share what I do know, or will discover throughout this project. The Vehicle 1990 300zx 2 seater The Engine VK56DE out of a 2011 Nissan Titan Engine is getting a full tear down and inspection. Investing in a Master Gasket kit as well as new Water pump, Oil pump, Timing chain kit w/ guides (if needed), starter, and ARP Headstuds. Also plan on putting in some JWT cams and upgrading the Valvetrain before install. I'm probably going to Fab up my own intake manifold to try and save some clearance under the hood. I could definitely use some advice here if anyone knows how much lower it needs to be to clear the hood. Trying to make the car look as clean/stock as possible from the outside. The Transmission z32 5-speed Transmission Will be using an adapter plate provided by Collins Performance Technologies to mate the engine and transmission. My Clutch and Flywheel options will be Z1motorsports 14 pound flywheel and "Performance Street" Clutch Kit. To make sure the starter and everything lines up, you have to switch to a 350z Flywheel and clutch, then you stack the Flywheel on top of the VK56 factory flexplate before bolting them it down. Engine Management As far as ECU goes, I'll be using a Megasquirt 3 Pro w/ a custom wiring harness. I'll be using a Titan base map and spend the first couple of days tuning it on a Dynatech before it hits the streets. Looking forward to posting that dyno sheet someday lol. Fitment/Fabrication As far as I'm aware of, there isn't any motor mounts available for this swap (Please correct me if I'm wrong!) so I'll be custom welding up so mounts of my own. My goal is to make the engine sit as low as possible so I'll be factoring that in with their design, and the same goes for the Oil pan I'll have to build for it. Any input is gladly welcomed on this subject! Status As far as my status on the project goes, I am still in the stage of prepping, planning, and collecting parts. I have the Z and I have the VK56DE already. I'm currently focused on tearing down the VK before anything else. As the project moves along I want to post updates as well as pictures. Just to note, this project will not be a fast one. I like to take my time and make sure things are right the first time, I also work like 55 hours a week so all the work will have to be done in small increments at a time lol. Looking forward to your guys comments and thanks ahead of time for your advice!
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