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  1. HP Farms in Benson does really good work. They can get backed up and slow however, if you can pull it, drop it off, and pick up later in the summer/early spring it is worth it.
  2. Forget the epoxy, come use the metal glue gun when you get back in town.
  3. Glad to hear it's working well Omar! For the m5 bolts I would check out McMaster-Carr online or in Ogden of 19th W and about 28th S is Bolt & Nut supply. On the insulation you could maybe run some mass loaded vinyl with a foil barrier under you carpet?
  4. I'll look at the diff cover for you, I have a few ideas on how to get studs out. Can't wait to see it at the show again!
  5. You can ditch the sheet metal lower oil pan if you modify the pickup and gain a few inches there. Stock manifolds are notorious for cracking and failing. Timing chain guides are a known weakness if revved very hard for too long in stock form. My 240z build is currently stalled due to funds and time. Hopefully within the next couple years as kids all get thru high school, work life changes and space increases in the garage, I'll be able to get back on it. There is a fairly active Facebook group dedicated to the vk56 engine, with more than a few swaps and builds active. HPTuners I believe has started to support nissan platforms in the last couple years for tuning. UpRev is the only other supporting tuner software for the engine I am aware of. JWT has removed some of their VK56 offerings from their web page (valve and spring kits). They are the same as some of the vq35 valve train models though, it just requires 2 more cylinders worth of parts. I also recall reading/being told that a certain model of modern BMW motorcycle shares the same rod bolts, and they are available from ARP of the shelf. Last couple major tidbits I can think of: ATI has refused/ignored requests to make a run of balancers for years due to a lack of forecasted sales volume. AHM Motorsports in Maryland is the shop that built Chris Foresberg's pro drift circuit engine. They are very friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to share their knowledge about the engine.
  6. McKinney Motorsports did one into a Ferrari replica a few years back with ITBs and a CD009. I have a vk56 waiting to built up and go in, but life has gotten in the way on multiple occasions.
  7. You just need to say the word and I can drop an engine hoist off at your house. Mine is currently easily accessible with no dedinite plans.
  8. Hey did you ever get a 3d scan of an s30 by any chance?

  9. It was great to see you and your Z tonight Omar! My 15 year old asked a few times afterwards, "Dad, can our Z look like that one day?"
  10. Check McMaster.com, you can usually find whatever pitch, length and head style you want for a decent price. I don't buy metric hardware from anywhere else due to the issues you have stated.
  11. Spend the money on a good turbo with everything else you've done. Not worth grenading an unknown ebay unit and wipping out the intercooler or other engine components and all of your hard work thus far.
  12. That sucks. Sorry to hear about the troubles, glad you got the Z to your new home with out any other major issues. I'll be waiting and watching for a re-spray update!
  13. If your not able to run a stock ecu with uprev or HP tuners (they supposedly picked up Nissan support a couple years ago), then you have to go full aftermarket to MS3, Haltec, AEM, Link, etc... Over on the NICOclub forum there is a build with a vk56/cd009 into a 280zx that the guy used an early Honda AEM 4 cyl ecm and repinned some wiring. https://forums.nicoclub.com/my-560zx-titan-vk56de-powered-280zx-s130-build-thread-t547031.html You could also check in the VK Nation Facebook group, there's quite a few vk56/45 swaps there into the later model Z cars and infinities. Lots of truck stuff but the ecm, headers, cd009 etc is all pretty much the same.
  14. That's because everyone is still fascinated with the LS and T56 combo. Nice job on the shifter housing extension!
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